This is my first post that has nothing to do with what you put in your mouth,but EVERYTHING TO DO WITH YOUR HEALTH.


Because I know you care about your health, and if you are struggling in any way, I have something fantastic that can help you NOW!

Here is my short story about a simple, yet effective technique that I learned to shift my energy dramatically!

"Not what you put in your MOUTH"

A couple years ago while trying to find the answer to my fading energy, I stood in my kitchen trying to figure out what I should eat or how to shift my diet. While searching my mind for an answer a voice said to me, “Your problem will not be solved by what you put in your mouth.”

Dang, I thought. Now what?

Time went by as I studied many body mind modalities including The Work of Byron Katie, meditation and the completion of all the Avatar courses. I heard of EFT (Tapping), but never took it seriously or learned the technique.

Then magic happened and The Tapping Solution fell into my life. I am not sure how, but the Tapping Summit showed up in my "in-box". After listening to a couple of pod casts I was hooked.

I proceeded to listen every day that they introduced a new pod cast (20 recordings in all) of The Tapping Summit.

WOW! I was blown away by the depth and scope of the areas covered in the Summit by experts in all fields: weight loss, healing, pain, spirituality, visioning, headaches, sexuality, success, trauma and more.

I tapped along as I listened, transformed by the versatility of this effective energetic technique. It excited me because I love the study of energy.

Then the test came to try it. One day while suffering from blocks unknown, I began tapping while walking the beach in the morning. Through the process I discovered the blocks and they faded away.  By the time I was home, 30 minutes later, my energy shifted dramatically. In other words, I had some!

Before my walk I felt like I was filled with concrete and pulling a train. Wow, now I was light, my mind was empty, yet clear with enough space for new inspiration. Ahhhhh....

The Tapping Solution is amazingly effective, so simple and FREE. Although a professional facilitator well serve your wonderfully, you can easily learn to TAP yourself. It is easy to learn, especially with the new book just coming out today (April 2, 2013).

With the purchase of the book,  THE TAPPING SOLUTION by Nick Ortner, incredible BONUSES and resources are being offered that you DO NOT want to MISS!

The BONUSES include audio recording, The Tapping Solution movie, video trainings by experts in the field and more.

I am quite serious when I say that this is a fantastic opportunity that is only being offered during the book launch.

I strongly urge you to GET THIS HERE BOOK NOW while the opportunity to receive these BONUSES is available.

I promise that you will so glad you did.

All proceeds of the sale of this book go to a very worthy cause. Click here now to see what is available and the wonderful work they are doing with trauma and relief around the world.

Aloha, Chef Teton