I am a study-aholic if there ever was one, and primarily for health and wellness. I am often dismayed and even confused why some people don't dig in like I do. Because I am so passionate about taking care of My Girl, I just gobble up everything I can. 

So, through this journey, which has been a long one,  I often find it challenging to convey to people just how powerful food and nutrition is. My voice cannot speak louder than some habits, big pharma and corporate influences. Still, when I see a parent put crap food - food that is not really food full of chemicals, dyes and sugar into their children, I get so irritated that I have to leave the room. Don't they know? Doesn't everyone know? I have found that most everyone does know what healthy food is, ask any 6th grader. BUT, do they eat better? No. Many don't. Why, I ask?

I have concluded that most people don't really get how POWERFUL food is for promoting excellent health, healing and beauty. Most also do not know just how DAMAGING factory food and food grown in chemicals really is. BUT NOW, THERE IS HELP ON THE WAY!

This new series titled, "The Truth About Cancer" paves the way to illustrate a clear, comprehensive and beautiful path to expressing the power of the body for healing when fed the life giving miracles of food grown in healthy soil. Of course, there is more than just food and nutrition involved, but let me say that nutrition gives the immune system the fire power it needs to boost an immune system and heal a body and a life. You will learn this and be convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt from this series.

The 9 part series, which you can get HERE, is worth its weight in gold. Purchase it for yourself, your family and friends. Host a few evenings of viewing in your community. This series is a fabulous tool and will give you all the info you need to become the vibrant being I am sure you want to be. If one can heal from cancer, imagine what else you could heal or how you could feel.

It is often hard to convince others, even ourselves, when faced with a life threatening disease like cancer. This series will give you the confidence to get yourself well whether you are undergoing conventional methods or have done so in the past. I myself, although healthy and feeling well, am going to take on some of the protocols just because I am sure I can get even healthier.

And, besides, I am not a study-aholic for nothing!