What's this you say? It's delicious, that is what it is. Today I served it at Whole Foods Market for their 2 year anniversary celebration. People kept coming back for more, asking, "What is in that? Where is the cheese?" There was no cheese. I wished I could have kept it a secret because it was so much fun to keep people guessing.

Here is how simple this sandwich is:

First, finely chop some fresh Rosemary. Then infuse it with Organic EVOO by heating then together in a sauce pan. Heat until you get a lite sizzle and then remove from the heat. Set aside.

The bread was Seeduction Bread from Whole Foods Market. Cute name, yeah? Use any yummy whole grain flour less bread (rye is good too).  Toast the bread. Then spread a bit of the EVOO/Rosemary mixture on it.

Slice Firm Tofu (no need to cook it) and place on top of the toast, and lace it lavishly with the EVOO/Rosemary mixture. Top with sea salt. This little sandwich is easy and oh so delicious. It is great with Avocado and/or Tomato as well.

This hearty tofu recipe is good to include for Raw Food Diet Recipes. The whole grain toast is slightly toasted, and the olive oil is just heated slightly. Enjoy!