A few years ago I was feeling terrible, always tired while having some chronic inflammation nag at me from an injury I had a few years earlier. I had tweaked my diet, alleviated all sugar, deprived myself of some yummy red wine, and was still searching for another adjustment in my diet and exercise regime. I am sure I tried everything.

 Then one day, while standing in front of my supplement cabinet trying to decide which pill to take to “fix me”, I heard this voice come in loud and clear that said, “You will not fix this by what you put in your mouth.” Dang.

OK, then what? This insightful discovery launched me into another round of looking deeply at my mind, the thoughts that permeate it, and the ones buried deep in my sub conscious. I also needed to look more closely within my heart. What was I doing that I hated? What was I afraid of? What was I obsessing over? I took a close look at the lifestyle I was living inside and out. What was the truth about what I was experiencing? What was I trying to achieve and why? What did I want, really want?

Even though I had experienced several of Byron Katie’s schools, became certified in The Work, and had been a consumer of every spiritual book I could get my hands on, I knew I had more work to do within my own being. Maybe it never stops. My body was showing me that something was off. And so, I had to go into inquiry and find out what was off for me. This is what this full moon is asking of us now. We are being called to sift through all the information and figure out the deeper truth of where we are and where we are going.

 I found out that I hated part of my job, or better said, a part of my work.

Shortly after, at the recommendation of a friend, I attended the Avatar Courses in Florida. Within one year after I attended four of their courses, ending in the two week long Wizards Course. The courses allowed for deep inquiry and discovery. I find old stuff lurking in my sub-conscious that I would never have found without some help.  The best part, like Byron Katie’s Schools, were that one attending had the time and help to go deeply into inquiry. This is often difficult to do without a coach, a school or a teacher. Much of inquiry is experiential, meaning we have to experience something or at least the idea of something to find a hidden core belief running our show.

For me, I had to come to terms with the fact that I hated a certain part of my job or career I had chosen. This was ruining the part I did like. I was an excellent teacher, and designer of social projects, a decent writer, but mostly a gifted idea person. I was a good initiator. But, I sucked at the follow through most projects demand. I sucked at marketing, although I was good at the approach and design. I knew what to do, but I just could not get it done. I kept trying and I kept failing. Because I am such a good girl, I just kept doing whatever it took to keep going. I kept failing at it, but kept doing it. Dah! Talk about insanity. Anyway, as the oldest of four children, I found I had adopted the core belief that I had to take care of everyone and do whatever I could to finish a job - all by myself. But, when you own your own business, your job is never over.

So, I had to find a way to get to know myself better, inspire myself to do what I do best, and hire someone to do the rest. I also had to hire a coach. I mean really, how can we expect to be an entrepreneur and run a business when no one has taught us how. I surrendered to getting help, evaluated what I loved and did not love, and I looked at the thoughts I was thinking and made some changes. I also put things in my life that I love, like singing and more dancing. My energy and happiness returned, which mean my vibration escalated and my vibrancy returned.

In our world today we are operating without a road map along with too many road maps. We are in information overload. Since I am a certified addict to learning, I can hardly help myself from taking on every course that comes my way, read every book recommended, and listen to every riveting pod cast. To break my cycle, I recently started watching old episodes of Cheers. That was fun.

I share all of this because if you are not feeling well, or you are confused, and you can’t heal something even though you have impeccable self care, you may want to look closely at your thoughts, attitudes and the core beliefs that may be undermining you. This full moon is calling us to look deeply into our hearts as this is where our soul expression comes through. How are you? How are you really? Where are you going? Do you know? This is a powerful time for inquiry.

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Feel free to leave comments below. What is going on with you?

Many blessings and happy full moon! Susan Teton