These packages are designed to provide you with valuable longevity and continual growth. They will keep you feeling fresh, supported, and enlightened as we live, learn, and grow together. Each of my coaching programs combine live group calls with hands-on learning and online video courses with downloadable recipes included. You’ll discover essential cooking techniques along with yoga and self-reflection approaches that I’ve learned on my own life’s journey. These teachings are a pure and simple foundation to a healthier lifestyle.

Results are immediate, and there is no stopping the progress and awakening once you are committed. This is why I offer a variety of programs to fit your goals and lifestyle – from a basic 90-day overview to a deep-dive, 18-month option for those who want to continue on the path of awakening, growing stronger, more flexible, and happier as you live on.

Want to know what is right for you? Anxious to find out more? I would be thrilled to offer you a 30 minute - complimentary, no obligation consultation. I look forward to hearing from you. Let's plant some seeds now, so you can experience healthy awakened living soon!


The 4-Week Dietary Makeover

Are you already somewhat familiar with health and nutrition, but want to bump up your practice with better culinary skills and knowledge? Or do you want to learn how to eat healthy in a simple way? Whether you know the first thing about nutrition or healthy cooking or not, this course is for you!


  • The 4-Week Dietary Makeover Online Course (videos & Audio) available to you for up to 1 year.
  • One hour private consultation each week during your 4-week makeover.
  • Be a part of our private Facebook group to keep in touch and connect with others who have gone through the 4-week makeover process. Offering .. What does being a part of this group offer? (tips / support / recipes / more)
  • Weekly teleconference group calls for Q&A (during our 4 weeks together).
  • Bonus call on 5th week for essential movement practices: Creating a strong and straight spine, and flat Belly.
  • Option to join longer coaching programs offered below.

The course will introduce you to several new trends of highly nourishing culinary practices (raw, cooked and fermented). It will also show you how to combine them, I promise. The methods and techniques are designed to “keep it simple” while nourishing at the same time. Keep in mind it is comprehensive with a lot of videos, recipes, and insightful learnings in the audio portion of the program. It will be yours for one year should you decide to register. Many have gone through incredible leaps in this program as it provides a solid base to learn how to “Eat From The Earth and Not The Factory.”

The Seed To Soul Package Series

Together we will design a customized lifestyle made just for you. A lifestyle that provides excellent beginnings, follow through, and success. As you change and grow your customized design will evolve along with you. We can work with your physician or alternative health practitioners. Together we will grow!

this is a complete health and wellness package. sign up today and receive:

  • The entire collection of Chef Teton’s online video courses.
  • The a la Oils Cook Book.
  • Personal one-on-one coaching in all areas of awakening with weekly calls.
  • Introductions to, and experience with cleansing, nutrition, culinary support, and supplements.
  • The 4-Week Dietary Makeover program.
  • A customized diet and exercise plan including an easy to use shopping list.
  • Complete kitchen re-organization (over skype or in person).
  • Simple and restorative yoga techniques and  practices.
  • A full assessment of your lifestyle so we know where to make positive changes.
  • Exclusive access to a private Facebook group to provide community support and interaction. Sharing of recipes, results, and rejuvenation.
  • Receive intuitive guidance in spirituality and consciousness, meaning to inquire into the beliefs that may be holding you back or disabling you in any way toward your own self realization. This includes planting new seeds and of behavior for a soulful journey into a lifestyle that supports your dreams, vision and purpose.