Essential Cuisine demonstrates techniques from many cooking methods, dietary and healing protocols, and ancient traditions to create a delicious dietary practice of foods of high integrity that come from the Earth, not the factory.

Essential Cuisine delivers 25 cooking shows that teach the fundamental techniques to prepare raw, cooked, and cultured/fermented foods. These rich, sensuous, delicious dishes will help you discover the secrets to staying slim, healthy, and energized!

Choose from the 6 DVD set or the online course. The online course offers a bonus raw cacao dessert program!

  • Lose unwanted pounds

  • Enhance your digestion

  • Create a radiant complexion

  • Promote flexibility

  • Build strong bones

  • Improve mental clarity

  • Enhance sleep quality

  • Enjoy pleasure with every bite

The Raw, Cooked, and Cultured course is a hands-on, experiential set of lessons presented in a powerful sequence. You will join Chef Teton in the kitchen, where she will be your coach every step of the way, sharing visual demonstrations of the techniques, secrets, and potential pitfalls of preparing these foods.

Your series is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and it is so much more than what I ever expected to find. It’s vibrant, it’s exciting, it’s real, and it’s full of tricks and tips to decrease the learning curve. After just the first DVD, I was experimenting in the kitchen again, and loving every minute of it! Thank you for all your hard work. This series will change the health of America, one mouthful at a time.
— Louisa Blackstone
  • Learn all the basics of Raw Food preparation: soaking, sprouting, and blending.

  • Create luscious raw entrees, seed milks, seed cheeses, dehydrated crackers, pizza dough, and delicious raw food recipes.

  • Make highly nutritious sauces and dressings that awaken cooked veggies and wholesome alkaline grains.

  • Learn what fats nourish your cells and can actually aid you in weight loss.

  • Get more essential fatty acids and Omega 3 fats into your diet the delicious way by learning what foods must be raw and which are better cooked.

  • Learn the secrets of how to mineralize your meals and coordinate simple meals that nourish and taste amazing.

  • Make delicious and oh-so-nutritious raw desserts.

Learn how to make cultured vegetables and kefir easily and safely. These fermented foods are the missing link in most people’s diet and are absolutely needed for a strong digestive and immune system. In addition, they are delicious, making every meal complete!

Raw, Cooked & Cultured Foods 6 DVD Set
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Now you can order my companion book (memoir/cookbook), Eating as a Spiritual Practice, and get the story behind my delicious recipes as well the recipes themselves. You can order the book on Amazon and all other online retailers. 



What is the difference between these two options?

  • One is available on DVD.

  • The other is available as an online course, which you can download for viewing on your laptop, tablet or phone. The online course also includes the Raw Cacao Dessert Series.

An example of how thoroughly subjects are covered is the subject of sprouting. Chef Teton shows a variety of seeds before and after sprouting, soaking, rinsing, hulling, and storing. While demonstrating these processes, she explains the reasons for each process and gives alternatives. The camera work provides excellent close-ups of the many processes taught.
— Cynthia, Alpharetta, Georgia

Raw Foods

Raw, “living” foods are the best way to begin to nourish your body in a way that your cells love. Preparing raw food is easy, but takes learning some new techniques. Raw food is particularly difficult to learn from a book. Once you understand it and “see” how it is made in Chef Teton’s videos, rather than read how it is done, you will have the simple tools that will give you a lifetime of nourishment and intense pleasure. In addition, once you learn the techniques, you can pick up any raw food preparation book and instantly know what the author is talking about and how to do it.

  • Learn how to set up your kitchen and get all the right equipment.

  • Learn how and why to bring nuts and seeds to life by germinating through soaking.

  • Learn how to sprout lentils, chickpeas, and mung beans to make delicious salads and more.

  • Learn how to mix raw ingredients and dehydrate them to make delicious crackers and pizza crusts.

  • Learn the best juicing techniques

Then you learn how to prepare a delicious wealth of entrees, sides, salads, and desserts, including:

  • Dressings

  • Hummus

  • Wraps

  • Pizza

  • Seed Milks

  • Seed Cheese

  • Raw Pecan Pies

  • Nut Cream Sundae

  • Banana and Pineapple Sorbet

  • Grapefruit Fennel Salad

  • Raw Buckwheat and Herbs

  • Fruit Salad a la Coconut Cream Sauce

Cooked Foods

Often, your body longs for cooked foods. This course teaches you how to prepare satisfying plant-based dishes that will fire up your digestion, cleanse your body, and incorporate more vegetables into your daily menus. Learn how to combine raw and cooked foods.

  • Add flavor to your plant-based diet by enhancing the taste of “boring” vegetables.

  • Improve your digestion and reduce inflammation.

  • Add healing properties to the traditional preparation of vegetables with spices and herbs.

This course was developed so that everyday people could begin to enjoy the simplicity of working with recipes that include raw foods and the best of cooked foods.


Cultured Foods

The centenarians, those people who live to be a healthy 100 years old in various locations in the world, include naturally fermenting (cultured) foods in their diet. These naturally fermented foods (like un-pasteurized sauerkraut and kefir) will most likely support your body with what it needs to digest and grow old healthfully.

  • Heal digestive issues naturally

  • Eat for greater energy

  • Resolve bothersome skin issues

  • Reduce or eliminate sugar cravings

Naturally fermented foods aid digestion, assimilation, and immune-building capabilities. Having an inner eco-system full of friendly flora and brimming with good bacteria is one of the best ways to digest and absorb the nutrients from your meals.

Learn to make your own cultured foods with my powerful and engaging instruction. The course includes how-to instructional videos, recipes, and everything you need to know to make your own fermented vegetables and kefir.

I am in a nutrition degree program and have been learning about raw foods and super foods. Not knowing how to effectively prepare or use many of the foods I am learning about, I began to look for a resource. I received these DVDs for my birthday, and they are fabulous! There are so many simple ideas - from sprouting to raw to fermenting and more. You won’t be disappointed. They will help you to get on the right track quickly.
— S. Buist