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Are you pulled by your vision of possibility?


by the fear of preventing something you don't want?

The difference in the energy of these two opposite motivations is profound. If we are pulled by our vision of possibility the energy buzzing inside of us will be inspired and fun. It will be filled with a vision of something we want. BUT, if we are pulled by fear of preventing something bad or something we don’t want then the energy buzzing inside of us is filled with stress of trying to avoid something, and this vibrates a much lower frequency. Think about.

I was told years ago that prevention was not sexy. I never understood this because I was motivated by prevention. In the area of health, I did not want to get sick. I was motivated more by fear, even though it did not look like fear to me. Now I get it! But, it cost me.

Being motivated by prevention brought on stress, particularly if I did not live up to my own standards. This stress accumulated in me and eventually put me down.  Of course, it was not the only stress I had in my life. I was also working hard, also from a place of “earning a living”, not from a place of inspired manifestation. I am still dealing with the inner works of how I handle life, because Shingles kicked my butt and I can’t let that happen again. I really do want to Age With Vitality. So, now I act from this place, a place that includes a vision of excitement for me. I am doing the same with my work and all other areas as I look toward the future. This new attitude and inspired vision births a new feeling and buzz inside of me each day.

How about you? To illustrate what I saying, what sounds and feels better? "You better not eat processed foods because they are not good for you. They cause inflammation, addiction, etc. ... Or, If you enjoy high quality whole foods that taste amazing, your skin will radiate, your joints will be more flexible, and you will have the energy you need to fulfill your dreams?" Feel the difference? One motivation brings results and joy, the other brings resistance, dread, lack and not much enjoyment at all, which causes even more internal stress. In addition to the stress the results you really want may never arrive. 

Here is another example: ”I am going to exercise everyday because my doctor says it is good for me, so I will keep my heart healthy and I won’t get stiff?”  Or, “I am excited to breathe deep and bring fresh blood and oxygen to all my joints and organs, and then feel refreshed and stronger with an uplifted mood?

 When I discovered this very slight difference in how I approach almost everything I want to do in my life, I was able to look back and see why the hell I got so stressed from a lifetime of trying. This trying, the energy of how we approach things - everything - has so much to do with our anxiety and thus stress. This stress adds up over time and accelerates our aging. It brings us down, not up. Our inner energetics is everything. It is the place to start and that is what we are going to do in the 40 Day Dietary and Self Care Challenge. 

Each of us are going to pick a few ways to challenge ourselves within our self care practice. Why only a few? In all the teaching and coaching I have done I have found that the basic first steps need to established as a habit or routine first. Once they are incorporated, then you can move even further ahead with more support from your already mastered first steps. Once incorporated in your life, you will be empowered to move head further.

What is going on inside you? What is motivating you? What is most important? What can you reasonably fit into a life that is already full? What steps are needed first? Any time anyone steps out to learn something new; a sport, a musical instrument, a language, anything, they start with the basics and master each step one at a time. Once that is mastered and incorporated into one’s life, then they can take on the next. Conversely, you may not be starting out on a self care practice, but already has one that needs a makeover, or enhancement. Oh, gosh, we just keep learning and there are powerful ways to enhance or inner world and the body we live in. We are continually a work in progress and always in need of some improvement it seems.

In the 40 Day Dietary and Self Care Challenge I am going to help you choose what the most important step(s) you need to make for your vitality. Then I am going to help you incorporate them into your life so that they stay! It’s all you, and what you can do. But, once you choose, then we are going to hold you to it. All of us in the course. It will be fun. Because when we are complete the 40 Days you are going to have a whole new habit that is going to support you in your life on your way to Aging With Vitality. 

Read more about the 40 Day Challenge and Sign Up HERE. The course starts September 4, 2019. There is limited space.

Want to discuss if this course is right for you? I am happy to offer a 30 minute - no obligation - complimentary consultation. Contact me with time zone and potential availability @ Susan@ChefTeton.com.

Can’t wait!!