This story ends well but it has not been fun. Did you know that “those who know” say 85 to 95% of people have parasites? Did you also know that parasites could be responsible for your digestives problems, your energy drop, sleepless nights, troubled skin, mental decline, and your bad mood? This is my story and I am sharing it with you because I would never have thought that my symptoms were that of a person with parasites, and I am a person that knows a lot about health. I am guessing it might be the same for you. I don’t want you to do what I did, which is spend a lot of time, energy, money and emotional trauma on trying to fix the problems I was having without ever knowing there was an underlying reason for my yo yo energy, adrenal fatigue, weakened nervous system, and a mind that could hardly hold a thought. So, let me shine the light of awareness on these nasty little parasites.

Some of you may have read a Blog post I wrote about my physical breakdown on Easter Sunday. Upon sending it out, one of my readers responded by telling me that my symptoms were exactly that of parasites. Who would have known? Not me, for sure. I did not want to have parasites. YUK. But, upon careful reflection I looked back over the last year or two and could see the pattern that kept repeating itself. The fatigue would come out of nowhere, and the shingles virus, although mild, finally got me. Fabulous digestion would turn to not so fabulous digestion and then fabulous again. To top it off, the skin on my hands began to have this eczema that would come and go. Over time it came more than it went.  My diet was supreme, and I tried everything I could think of to tweak it. I definitely had great days and kept going strong despite my interruptions. But, over time, the go down days were coming more often until I finally went down hard. My physician ran every medical test available. They told me I was as healthy as a horse. Never in a million years did I ever suspect parasites.

Looking Back

About six years ago I did a dramatic cleanse – 14 days no food and 10 colonics. I guess I thought I was good to go for the rest of my life. Shortsighted me. 

Upon my readers suggestion I sought out a doc and got a stool test. Yup, parasites. I was told it was Toxoplasmosis, which is a parasite that people get from cats. I thought back wondering where the heck I would get these little buggers because I don’t have cats. But, then I remembered.  Shortly after my cleanse, I took in a cat that lived on the property, but was now abandoned. After a few weeks of begging – with loud persistent meow’s at my door, I let him in. I held out because I have always been allergic to cats. But, he was a handsome fella with the name of Cary, like in Cary Grant. I took him to the vet, got the medication that people get for cats, and some homeopathic remedy to help me get over the allergies. I was proud of myself that I did this. No more allergic reaction to cats. I would let him sit on my chest while I loved him up big time. We were both in heaven. But, Cary did not stay in my life for long. When I went to CA, I was gone for about 6 weeks. When I returned Cary was so mad at me that he would not let me get near him. Feeling abandoned, he hooked up with another neighbor who was now caring for him and loving him up.

Looking back for more answers, another blast of memory entered my soggy brain. I remembered the morning the red rash started. I woke up with the red itchy bumps on my hands and chest on the very day I was going to fly to CA to help take care of my Mom. That was about four years ago. The stress of back and forth flights, caring for Mom and all the other stuff that happens when living a life was what I attributed my problems to. It is called ‘stress’. I am sure it played a part.

Getting Treatment

In any event, the story gets more complex because I went to two different doctors for the parasites. One prescribed a pharmaceutical and the other a digestive enzyme that digests protein (parasites) if taken on an empty stomach. The pharmaceutical made me so ill that I felt like a chemo patient. The digestive enzyme also had die off symptoms, but not nearly as bad. Slightly embarrassed at my lack in good judgment (not a good idea to do both remedies) I hung my head and told my favorite doctor what I had done and vowed to stay on the path he put me on without interference. His treatment plan is longer and slower and much more gentle. I was just in a silly hurry to get rid of these pests. They had taken my life force for long enough.

As for my diet, I quit all sugar and alcohol, not that I ate or drank that much of either. I did start to notice that if I had a glass of wine I would feel very sick the next day. Surely, I thought, I can’t be that sensitive. But, I was. I began to track how I felt with everything I ate. With fight still left in me, it was easy to stay away from anything that these creepy parasites love. They love sugar. I was seriously creeped out by the whole thing.

I am now about 6 weeks into a 3-month parasite cleanse process. I am starting to feel like a different person. The die off caused a lot of headaches and some constipation. My treatment included a few colonics, and a very clean diet, chlorophyll and naps.  I am so happy to be over the hump. I can breathe well now, the headaches are lessening, my mind is back (Thank God), and my stable energy has been restored. I have most of my life force back.

Another thing worth mentioning is that I had gone to my Naturopath a few times before I found out about the parasites. Yes, I did have adrenal fatigue, and we treated that. But, we never really uncovered the reason for the adrenal fatigue. I chalked it off to stress. Yes, I had stress all right – something was taking my life force. I mention this because you may be dealing with a symptom as well that you have tried to treat over and over again with little success. Check out to see if parasites are to blame.

My Recommendation

Get a stool test. You will most likely have to pay for it. They run from around $300 and higher depending on who the practitioner is that is ordering it. You can also go to a good Kinesiologist, or a practitioner that is skilled in biofeedback techniques. Even though you might think that a stool test is the only and best way, there are those that say that the parasites will often hide. They are quite intelligent. Get tested.

Parasite cleanses and colon cleanses are a must a couple times a year. Many people do this as a practice for maintenance, without ever being tested. They can be simple and easy. It is much worse to let them go, or get to the point that you have symptoms. They are much harder to get rid of when they are heavily populated. Most local health food stores have great cleanses, as do most health practitioners. The only stool test done in the medical fields are stool tests for blood, which denotes possible cancer in the colon. This is why you will have to pay for it out of your own pocket. The fee is usually a lab fee with a consulting fee for diagnosis and treatment.  If you don’t want to go for a test, then do a cleanse anyway. It is good to start with a colon cleanse followed by a parasite cleanse.



Shortness of breath


Extreme Fatigue



Your Diet

I recently put out a survey to find out where people were with their health and diet. The results were fairly even across the board for the following problems: energy, digestive issues, confusion about diet, weight loss, and sugar cravings. For this reason, and because of what I just went through, I realized that SUGAR could be the primary culprit causing ill health, and is the place to start. No matter what is going on with you, and no matter what diet you choose, SUGAR is the thing that has to go. Everyone agrees on this, and the proof is in the pudding (sugar free that is). People who get off sugar have better healthier lives. For this reason, I just produced a short 3 part series on “How To Stop Sugar Cravings AND Why You Must.” This is a free series. You will receive an email shortly when the series is released next Monday.

What kind of sugar are we talking about? We are talking refined sugar along with chemicals. White flour should be tossed as well. For instance, a sugar free donut with a bunch of flour and bad fats is still a poor choice.  Fresh fruit, in moderation, is fine depending on what your triggers are. Once most people that have a sugar problem are off all sugars then they can add back in some fruits and low glycemic syrups and foods as they learn about their own body.  You will get some ideas in the series. Do what you need to do to get of sugar and processed foods.  This is my suggestion as the place to start with whatever diet you choose or that you are currently on.

Please let me know if I can help you further. For a 20 minute complimentary consultation, Click HERE, and schedule a time that works for you. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Aloha, Susan Teton