Caffeine & Sugar Free Teecchino Latte

I will admit that I am a hot drink fanatic. I love coffee as much as I love my life (slight exaggeration) , but it does not love me as much. So, I must drink it sparingly. A little bit of a sweet taste is something I also love, so when I experimented with Rice Syrup and Coconut Nectar for my 3 Part Video Series about getting off sugar, I was super happy. I love the flavors that these new sweeteners coming on the market provide.  Then there is Teeccino. Oh gosh, what a fabulous drink to replace my coffee with. I brew it up and blend it with coconut oil and rice syrup. OMG. Seriously, this drink is so delicious and satisfying. What is great is that the herbs it contains are excellent for nourishment and I can have a huge cup in the afternoon and still sleep at night. It is also good brewed up black. Give it a try, and give some of these new sweeteners on the market a try as well. YUM!