birthday carrot cake

My Birthday is on July 4th, and I am getting ready to celebrate. Friends are throwing me a big party for my 69th year of life. When asked what kind of cake I would love, I opted for my favorite Carrot Cake dripping with my kefir sugar cream frosting. The recipe below was created for the Teens Teaching Teens DVD series filmed years ago. I searched for the picture, and isn't it cool that it is "Red, White & Blue", our patriotic colors.

Last night in meditation I thought about all my Birthdays, all the fireworks and all the celebrations around the Declaration of Independence. Although we are very focused on our country's problems I would like to take a moment to celebrate what this day means in history besides my 69th Birthday.

Think about it. People actually gave their lives to fight for freedom and independence. That is pretty honorable. We have them to thank today. As a country we are very young, acting as though we are puberty sometimes. We are still working out the details of how to live with each other and other countries on this planet. It is a big job. As we are learning today that our feelings, thinking and projections are as important as our "doing", lets take this opportunity and feel gratitude for how awesome it is to have the freedom that we have. Let's thank those that fought for us. Let's focus on what is good and project for a beautiful peaceful future. Let's also eat lots of good cake! Have a fantastic fun 4th of July!

Trestle Carrot Cake

2 cups        Organic Sugar - Light Brown Sugar is awesome in this recipe

1 ¼ cups    Barlean's Coconut Oil

4                Organic Eggs

2 tsp          Vanilla

2 ¼           Whole Wheat, Spelt or Gluten Free Flour

2 tsp           Cinnamon

¼ tsp          Nutmeg

2 tsp          Baking Soda

2 tsp          baking powder

½ tsp          Celtic Sea Salt (fine ground)

3 cups        Grated Carrots (organic)

1 cup          Chopped Walnuts (rinsed)

8 oz can  Crushed Pineapple (optional)

Blend dry ingredients. Then blend wet ingredients. Blend together until smooth. Add carrots and walnuts and other optional fruits.

Pour batter into baking or muffin pan (oiled with coconut oil and flour). Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.

Kefir Frosting (this is my favorite frosting ever)

12 oz         Cream Cheese

¼  cup       Kefir

4 cups        Organic Powdered Sugar-Wholesome Sweeteners (something about this sugar that is delicious!

1 tsp           Vanilla

Add a lemon juice if you like!

Soften the cream cheese and kefir by removing it from the fridge before you start. It is much easier to blend if the ingredients are at a warm room temperature. Blend all ingredients until creamy smooth. Spread over cooled cake. Yum!!