Chef teton's 69th birthday suit

July Birthday Sale of 1/2 Offall my Online Courses. Here I am with 3 beautiful women, 30 and younger. In the pics we just completed a "Chocolate Scrub Body Polish Ceremony" led by my awesome friend, Andrea, for my Birthday. I will be sharing much more about Andrea and her incredible body polishes and products soon.

You can see our skin glow while in the water washing off the chocolate/coffee/salt/sugar combo. I feel fortunate to to learn from these young women who are so playful and conscious.

They are just embarking on their own journey of self stewardship realizing that the quality of their life now and in the future are dependent on all of their choices today.  With conscious discernment they choose a health foods, a diet rich with food that is grown in alignment with Earth's living systems; daily meditations; yoga and movement; loving thoughts and feelings, and lots of play. What impresses me most about them is their generosity of spirit - always helping with a loving hand and attitude. They are positive contributors for our present and future generations. Yeah for them! Lucky me to learn from them.

With this celebration of my 69th Birthday I want to share with you what I have learned, and how I have learned to Make Every Bite Count. My 6 Online Course are now available for you at 1/2 off the already low price until July 15th.  This is my gift to you. Please take advantage of it. I know you will benefit.

Below are the Courses and the special links you need for the HALF OFF coupons. If you want to know more about each course, visit the Online Courses page on my website (

But, make sure you use the link below for the HALF OFF price (if the link does not work, copy and paste in browser)

The Raw, Cooked & Cultured Course – 38.00

Raw Cacao Desserts -14.00

The 4-Week Dietary Makeover – 78.00

The Complete Raw Food Course – $29.00

Healing Foods with Ayurveda Cooking - $19.00

Cultured Veggies and Other Fermented Foods $24.00

Yeah for Birthdays. Let's keep them coming while we thrive! Aloha, Chef Teton

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