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An Aging MasterClass
Build A Body To Last A Lifetime  

Recover * Rebuild * Prepare   


10 to 5 Waiehu Beach

$97.00 includes a fabulous lunch

Susan Teton will share her experience and expertise of what it takes to Recover, Rebuild & Prepare to build a vibrant, strong and healthy body to live in for the rest of our lives. Preparedness needs to start NOW. If you have recently had an illness and need to rebuild, want to loose weight, or are low on energy this is the workshop for you. We must do more than prevent disease, we must instead build a body to last a lifetime. Let's Age with Vitality. This will be a power packed day covering:

  • The Most Powerful hormone to reverse aging, promote weight loss, hair growth and deep sleep to name a few.

  • How to use Stress to create courage & Oxytosin * Mind over matter

  • The vital role of nutrition to keep our energy up & mind sharp.

  • The best way, foods and products to detoxify and revitalize at the same time.

  • How to build and enhance your mitochondria

  • The most powerful movement to keep your spine straight, your stomach flat, and back pain free

Let's rise to the challenge and create history. We have a lot to give, so let's not be a victim of time. We could be the world's best asset if we are vibrant, alert and mobile!

Visit my Blog post to find out more about my most recent journey, the cutting edge protocols I learned for anti-aging and why it takes a combination of integrated approaches to build a body to last a lifetime.

Limited Space + To Register contact: or call: 808-250-1535


See What it took to Recover


I learned Sooooo much more than I ever anticipated. Going in I did not realize I would learn so much. You have so much knowledge and expertise and heart. You made getting a handle on how to start preparing my body for great health and aging fun and unimaginably easy! Thank you!

It was a wonderful class with wonderful women. Thank you for sharing your vast experience with us. Your methods must work because you are an example of what we all strive for. Bravo!