Aloha Everyone,

The above video starts the conversation about aging in a new way. We have so much to gain if we can revitalize ourselves and prepare with more of a focus to move ahead through our years to come. Many people are experiencing some sort of physical trauma, whether it is an illness or a surgery. It takes quite a bit to build a body back, to restore and then revitalize it. If we have been so lucky to be living without any trauma to our body, but are stressed out and tired from working to hard, then a trauma could be around the corner. I don’t want to sound like doomsville here, but it could be true. That is why I want to be positive and prepare.

There are so many wonderful things we can do now - understanding the self care practices on all levels of our bodies and soul are moving toward a vision of outstanding health as we age. Let’s do it!

I would love to start a movement, or better said, join in the movement that is already happening and bring you along with me. Let’s become an asset to our families and communities instead of a liability. Let’s let our wisdom shine and make the contribution we know we can.

Remember Imi’ola? This is the practice that is inspiring me to live the highest form of life! Join me!

What say you? Are you in?

FYI: I am launching a pilot program in October, and I need 10 people to kick it off. If you are interested, let me know and we will jump on a call together and see if you are a fit. I promise you will benefit from our conversation.

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