Super excited about getting ready to join everyone in Building A Body To Last A Lifetime. This video is about 7 minutes long and covers - just briefly - the areas that are important for us to focus to create a healthy, strong and smart body and mind.

Let’s all set an intention NOW to age well. We, I believe, have a mission to become an asset to the younger population and to ourselves. Seriously, I am sure you don’t want to end up like many seniors are ending up today, drugged and totally dependent on our children or community to care for us. Wouldn’t it be more fun to enjoy our lives fully up until the end. I think so.

We can’t keep throwing caution to the wind. The time to act is NOW. Our bodies and souls need us to take care of this precious gift called a body - a body full of untapped miracles and potential. Join me and others.

By the way, I am launching a pilot program that I am looking for at least 10 people to kick off mid October - before those holidays come upon us. Interested? Contact me if you want more details.