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My New Dietary Makeover Course Launched

I am very excited to announce the launch of my new 4-week Dietary Makeover Course!

My DVD, recipes & new audio series are now in an online course for those wanting to make dramatic lifestyle changes.

People who have my DVD's, and many others requested that I make a course that includes all my media materials in a format they can access and integrate into their lives a little at a time. This way, new habits can be formed with a step by step process and positive changes will be lasting.

So, I listened and customized the schedule I use when coaching my clients, and created an on-line format that everyone can access-easily!

This new 4-Week Dietary Makeover is organized with easy instructions that include:

• All of my professional video cooking shows-streaming

• Award winning recipes

• Inspiring audio series

• Shopping lists

• Resources

• Course Curricula

This revolutionary Dietary Makeover online course combines the best of raw food, ancient traditions of cooked foods, and the powerful probiotic rich foods.

There’s no other course that has the comprehensive components laid out in a cohesive simple way for you to access any time, any day at your convenience.

It taps into the latest in health, nutrition and culinary secrets to achieve natural weight loss, a flat tummy, radiant skin, flexible joints and mental clarity. A bonus is satiating enjoyment because the food is so good!

It’s your opportunity to learn in the comfort of your own home, at your own speed, with your own coach.

For one week only, we are offering the course at ½ price discount – only $49.50 – as an Introductory Offer for my existing subscribers and those lucky enough to check my website this week. Sale ends. June 25, 2012

 Learn More Now - Go to:, and read what others say about this course. Watch a video clip on the powerful luscious food that’s covered in this course, and find out for yourself how much is offered for so little.




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Vita Mix For Christmas

Wow, how beautiful is this? My new beautiful red Vita Mix here just in time for the holidays. I wanted to profile her in nature as she is the best machine ever when blending natures best. From tropical fruits for sorbets, to veggies for green drinks, natures veggies for cultured veggies, fermented coconut meat and so much more. I could not live without her. Merry Christmas to me!! This morning I blended Kula Strawberries, fresh coconut meat, pineapple, Maca, sweet apple bananas and a little island honey. With our first day of sun after days of rain it was perfect!!

My favorite daily green drink:

Lemon, parsley, cilantro, 1 carrot, celery, cucumber, kelp and dulce powder and fresh spring water. Blend with an apple or pear if you need it to be sweeter. Add some ginger if you want the heat! Make enough for two days, bottle and refrigerate.

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Kitchen Gift Favorites From Amazon

Taking a cue from Oprah, I am sharing my favorite things for holiday fun and function. Mine are all available on Amazon. They are all great items for your own culinary needs and/or gifts for your favorite friends!  

1. I love, love, love this spice tray!

The ease of having all your spices together in this tray makes all food prep EASY! Spices are at your finger tips to boost flavor and digestive qualities for teas, cooked veggies, salads, legumes.....everything! I fill them with Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Tumeric, Nutmeg!!


2. The Good Grip & the Kitchen Aid Box Grater have the the right type grate for raw food salads. When visiting friends, I find many do not have the right type of grater with the small slanted holes needed to break down foods like carrots and beets so they are juicy. When I purchase one for people they are always so excited. A good grater is a must, great for travel too!


3. Fermentation Crock

Although I have taught many of you to make fermented or cultured vegetables in glass bowls and jars, it is great to have a crock. You will end up making twice as much, which is twice the yield, which is twice the amount in your system. Right? These crocks are affordable and worth every penny. Fermented/cultured vegetables are one of the most powerful food to put in your life....Do it now.


4. Totally Bamboo! I love their products....all of them. They make fabulous gifts. Cutting boards, dishes, plates. Beautiful!


5. The Ken Onion Shun Knife! As many of you know I use the Shun knives in my DVD series. They are wonderful and beautiful. My first knife was gifted to me. I will always remember the special joy I felt in receiving it, similar to receiving a beautiful Pendleton blanket. The Komachi Knives are fun too, and great for kids learning to use knives. They are less expensive, light and easy to maneuver with small hands. Be careful though, they are SHARP!


6. Slicer: The Joyce Chen Saladacco Spiral Slicer is a very affordable to slice up your veggies beautifully and quickly! This is a very affordable gift that works!


There's more here on my site. Take a look at:

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