Wow, how beautiful is this? My new beautiful red Vita Mix here just in time for the holidays. I wanted to profile her in nature as she is the best machine ever when blending natures best. From tropical fruits for sorbets, to veggies for green drinks, natures veggies for cultured veggies, fermented coconut meat and so much more. I could not live without her. Merry Christmas to me!! This morning I blended Kula Strawberries, fresh coconut meat, pineapple, Maca, sweet apple bananas and a little island honey. With our first day of sun after days of rain it was perfect!!

My favorite daily green drink:

Lemon, parsley, cilantro, 1 carrot, celery, cucumber, kelp and dulce powder and fresh spring water. Blend with an apple or pear if you need it to be sweeter. Add some ginger if you want the heat! Make enough for two days, bottle and refrigerate.

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