ImmuneTree Colostrum 6 is by far one of the best things that has happened to my body and my taste buds! I blend it with almost everything. It makes my hot drinks creamy and delicious, my chia puddings rich,  and my sauces divine. I love this stuff, and so does my body.

Recently I purchased some Matcha Green Tea powder. But, I could not even finish one cup of it, until I began reducing the amount of green tea powder I was contributing to my drink. I used one tsp for one cup and found it was too much. So, I reduced the amount to 1/3 of a tsp, added some stevia, ImmuneTree Colostrum and cinnamon and had the most delicious drink of all time. This drink is highly nutritional. To find out more about ImmuneTree Colostrum, visit their website HERE. You can also purchase it on Amazon. Enjoy and drop me a line if you would like more info and ideas on how to incorporate this great food into your diet. 

If you don't have Colostrum, then make this Matcha Green tea with just coconut oil and cinnamon.. Add stevia for sweetener or honey if you like.  You will love it. I am going to create some smoothies with the Matcha this afternoon. I will keep you posted.