Want something sweet, salty and satisfying? Want something delicious? Want something that will make you happy? This dish, I promise, will deliver the above. It is always so tasty. There is no need for any added sweeteners, unless the fruit is not ripe, and therefor not very sweet. You can always add a little honey if you must.

Use this same recipe for any fruit, and you can use a lot of different types of nuts and other toppings too. Here is the basic drill. Go for it!




1 plantain or banana
Walnuts (or nuts of your choice)
Milk (whatever kind of milk you would like to use)

Coconut oil or butter, cinnamon, Celtic Sea Salt

plantain 2.JPG


Cut up the banana or plantain into disc slices about 1/3 in in depth.

Heat the pan and add coconut oil or butter.

Sprinkle fruit (banana) with cinnamon (cardamon is good too). Saute the fruit in the pan, turning and re-applying the spices. When they are golden brown on each side,  place them in a bowl.

Smother in your favorite milk, and sprinkle with nuts of choice (walnuts are my fav). Yum

Get creative with the variations. Imagine that you could blend this dish into, or on top of, a fruit salad. It would sure sweeten it up!