Beets&PinenutsBeets seem to be coming out of my ears lately (not sure where that saying came from, but I know you know what I mean). Being a foodie, people constantly give me food, but I am not complaining. It gives me more inspiration to be creative while I must always  'keep it simple'!

One of my new favorites with beets is a simple one. Cook the beets in a little water.  About half way through their cook add the beet greens to the top. Cook until all of them are tender the way you like them.

While the beets are cooking take a tablespoon or more of pine nuts and grind them into a crunchy type powder. Use a coffee grinder,  Vita Mix, or blender to break them down. I have a special coffee grinder just for my nuts and seeds.

Remove the cooked beets and greens from the pan with a slotted spoon and place them in a bowl.  Top with Celtic Sea Salt, pepper and pine nuts. You will love the nutty flavor and fat that the pine nuts provide.

This makes for a wonderfully healthy, delicious and fulfilling side dish, morning or afternoon snack.

Making every bite count,

Chef Teton