Pumpkin Seeds sauteed in coconut oil, sprinkled with sea salt are one of the post popular things I have ever made. Everyone loves them anytime, anywhere!

They are perfect for a party or when a few guests arrive. And, they make great gifts. The best part is that they taste fabulous by themselves or on anything you make, especially salads. They add this salty earthy crunch! See below the recipe for some ideas. Seriously, they just make every dish!


2 cups Pumpkin (or Pepita) seeds 1 tsp Coconut oil (Barlean's is best)

Celtic Sea Salt (fine ground)


Pumpkin seeds can be toasted or roasted in a pan, the oven and/or a toaster oven.

Skillet: Put a small amount (1/2 to 1 tsp) of coconut oil in the pan after the pan is hot. Pour the seeds in the pan and stir often. This is not a food that you can leave on the stove. You must stay over it while tossing and turning. It is sort of like cooking popcorn, but should not get as hot. Just keep an eye on it, turning them often as they cook quickly. They will start to pop. They will not all pop, and it is not necessary that they do. When they start to pop it is an indication that they are hot enough, maybe even too hot, so you may even want to turn down the heat. It takes a delicate balance.

They can be slow roasted as well, but I usually like to roast them within about a 5 minute time. As soon as they are getting golden brown, place them on a plate and salt immediately with fine ground Celtic Sea Salt. Toss, and let them cool before eating.

DO NOT be tempted to nibble on them until cooled as you may burn your mouth. They hold their heat and stay hot for several minutes. When they are cooled, but still sort of warm, that is the perfect time to store them in an airtight glass jar. Storing them soon after cooking keeps them fresh longer.

Oven Method: Quick method: Preheat oven to 450 F. Place a cookie sheet in the oven and let it get warm before you place 1/2 to 1 tsp of coconut oil on the sheet. This way the coconut oil will melt nicely over the entire sheet.

Spread pumpkin seeds evenly on the cookie sheet and bake at high heat until the seeds start to pop. Watch the seeds closely. If the seeds start popping you may need to lower the heat, or stir quite often or they will burn. You may need to remove them from the oven often and stir them around often for even exposure. The oven method is really better for a slower cook, as they can roast slowly over a longer period of time. They will still need to be stirred around often.

Cook the seeds until light golden brown. Watch closely! Remove popped seeds immediately from tray onto a serving dish. Salt and toss.

*Let seeds cool before nibbling on them as they stay hot for a while and may burn your mouth!!

Ideas for topping!

All salads, specifically: The Lemon Tahini Tarmari Dressing (see Recipe HERE)

Vegetarian dishes like: Quinoa and veggies, rice and beans, tofu, eggs and potatoes!