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It is wonderful that you are interested in putting more excellent fats into your life! Why? Because you are in for a real treat! I promise that you will love using coconut, flax and pumpkin seed oils in the á la Oils way.

These oils deliver a new culinary adventure offering rich and sensual tastes, plus incredible health benefits at the same time! In our quest to "making every bite count", they are the key to making all foods, particularly vegetables, delicious and simple!

What good fats and oils can do for you and your body!

As you look at the champagne glass full of coconut oil - yes, it's plain coconut oil - you are probably thinking it looks like a glass full of lard or something very scary.

Well, it is not. The facts are quite the contrary actually. Look next to the glass and see one of the most vitally rich foods on the planet.Coconuts are full of mineral rich milk and meat balanced with nature's bounty of healthy nutrients. The poor coconut got a bad rap years ago because food manufactures took it into the factory and turned it into something less than excellent for our health. Then, because American's ate way too much saturated fat, it got a bad rap because it has saturated fat.

But now, thanks to nutritional pioneers and food manufacturers you can buy extra virgin coconut oil in most whole good grocers. People all over the country are heralding the benefits it brings their health, their beauty and even weight loss.

Yes, that's right, weight loss! Why? Well, first of all since it is a natural food from the Earth, its saturated fat metabolizes differently in the body than the saturated fat coming from an animal fattened from a diet of grains.

The fat or oil is also drawn from the coconut much differently than how you might consume cooked fat coming from the animal source. The coconut oil I am talking about comes straight from the coconut through a cold pressed process that retains its vital nutrients. These nutrients are known to enhance thyroid function and therefore stabilize metabolism.

Winter Squash á la Coconut

For this reason many people who have tried tirelessly to loose weight but failed, finally start losing weight when adding a significant amount of coconut oil to their diet. Think about it, have you ever seen a lot of overweight people living in countries where the coconut is a constant food staple?

I am here to help dispel the myth that coconut oil is bad for you! And I am here to introduce you to one of the most luscious tasting foods there is. Not only is coconut oil good for your body, but your palate will be pleased beyond measure.

Cooking With Coconut Oil

Coconut oil takes the place of butter and other less than excellent oils for cooking because it has a high heat point. This means you can sauté fish, eggs and enjoy it on potatoes and toast. It adds a great flavor by making ordinary vegetables and starches become rich and luscious, and it turns tough vegetables into soft, tender and juicy dishes.

Baking With Coconut Oil

Replace butter and other cooking oils with coconut oil for fantastic cookies, pie crusts, cakes and more. This is a healthy way to enjoy baked goods.

Raw Food Cuisine

If you using it for Raw Food recipes it adds a delicious flavor for many desserts including Raw Cacao Mousse and candy.

No need for low fat substitutes made in the factory. Now, you can enjoy the delicious coconut oil from the Earth, and all the benefits that accompany it.

To learn more about the history and benefits of coconut oil visit my website - www.chefteton.com - for an informative article about all the medicinal properties of coconut oil, from my new cookbook á la oils, The Golden Elixir's of Coconut, Flax and Pumpkin! Here you can read all about coconut oil, and other incredibly delicious and healthy oils like flax and Syrian pumpkin seed.

As promised here is the recipe for making Kale and Mustard Greens soft tender and juicy!

Cooking Kale & Mustard Greens (or any vegetables) with Coconut Oil!


1 tsp coconut oil (with a lot of greens you may use up to1 tbsp)

1 bushel Kale or Mustard Greens

Wash and de-stem the Kale, and tear or cut into smaller pieces (I like to run a knife through them and make them closer to bite size).

Put veggies into a steamer or a pan with a small amount of water. Disburse about 1 tsp to 1 tbsp (depending on amount of Kale) of coconut oil over vegetables and begin to cook.

Note: A little coconut oil goes a long way. You will be surprised how it spreads around!

Note: If you live somewhere cold, the coconut oil may be hard. I live in the tropics (Maui), and the coconut oil is usually soft so it is easy to spread. If it is hard, then break it apart and spread around the vegetables.

Don't worry, during the cooking process the oil will disburse evenly through the steam and water. If you do have a chance to stir them, then all the better.

Since Kale and Mustard Greens take a while to cook you may have to add extra water. The point is to cook them long enough (15 minutes or longer for Mustard Greens) to make them tender. The oil will coat each of the leaves evenly and make them soft and juicy.

The flavor will not taste real coconutty either. You will note that the coconut flavor will enhance the flavor of the greens rather than overpower them. I have found that most greens and proteins complement the coconut flavor, it translates well. The only food I found that did not complement the coconut flavor was mushrooms.

Storing your coconut oil:There is no need to refrigerate the coconut oil. If you do, it makes it hard and more challenging to work with. You can safely keep it in your cupboard as long as you don't contaminate it with other food. Always use a very clean spoon when dipping into the oil and never double dip unless the spoon or knife has only been in the coconut oil. This way your coconut oil will not go rancid. If your kitchen gets very warm the coconut oil will turn to liquid. Again, do not worry. It will not go rancid as long as it is kept clean of any other food particles.Growers have done studies in the Philippines to test the shelf life of coconut oil. It has been kept stable for over four years when left out in high tropical heat.

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