Hi Susan,

Since I began these few additions, I noticed @ first I didn't care for the cultured veggies, now I like them.  I almost crave more of them once I begin eating them.  I just brushed and flossed my teeth with no blood when I flossed!  This is amazing.  Also, my stool this morning was a dark, dark color, like nothing I have seen in a long time. I feel great: more energetic at night and more balanced and energized during the day. Thank you, Susan!  (Kathy, from Santa Monica, CA)
When Chef teton suggested I add cultured veggies to my diet daily, it was easy.  I like them and always have them in stock, but, I usually forget to eat them.  Once I started to add two or three tablespoons to my salad or green drinks, I noticed the benefits right away.  I became more regular and stomach got noticeably flatter.  Thank you, Chef Teton; I will definitely eat my (cultured) veggies!
Nai`a Newlight, editor
Ha`iku, HI

Hi Susan, (September 11, 2011) I woke up in the middle of the night and said to myself, "That's it - I am on the perfect diet and weight loss program from this point on" and noted the date as 9/10/11 and went back to sleep. You inspired me. I borrowed your DVDs from Rubey. I am going to copy them and then when I get some money I am going to buy the full set from you.

My gut is already smaller from the purging from your cultured vegies and fermented coconut yogurt and kefir. Such a nice feeling. I know what I weighed last Thurs so I am starting now and will adjust if ever you have time to give me some input. In the meantime I am on it. You inspired me the other night - Thanks. Love Char

Dear Susan, (September 17, 2011)

It is like I am on a cleanse but without all of the fasting and work and expensive herbs!  My stomach is almost going flat - maybe another week!  I have great stomach muscles - can do lots of sit-ups and crunches but this big tire has developed over the past 3 years since I started living in Asia.  Now it is going away while I am just eating delicious foods.

Now that I see how you make your green smoothie I think I will be able to do that too.
I am shopping today for more ingredients.  I feel so much better already.  I am really stoked!