Dr. Christopher Shade spoke at the Body & Soil Conference here on Maui in the summer of 2013. He delivered 3 riveting lectures about the miraculous effects of detoxing heavy metals, particularly mercury, from the body. What was so powerful to me was the profound healing people experienced when ridding themselves of these troublesome metals. Mercury creates havoc in the body that is often undiagnosed, or diagnosed mistakenly as something else. His stories of transformation were miraculous to say the least.

During the conference I launched my Cultured SuperFoods line of cultured veggies. I also made Beet Kvass for the attendees. Dr. Shade was my best customer. At the end of the conference he held up my products and said that everyone should be buying cases of these foods.

Learn to make your own now with my new course "Cultured Veggies & Other Fermented Foods"

If you think you have heavy metals and mercury in your body (which you probably do if you have had dental amalgams or love tuna), I highly recommend that you put cruciferous veggies in your life. Even better use cabbage, cauliflower and other superfoods to create cultured veggies full of living enzymes and probiotic bacteria.

Now you can make your own veggies, Beet Kvass and other probiotic rich foods, with my course "How to Make Cultured SuperFoods". These foods are easy to make, affordable and a delicious way to obtain such powerful nutrients. Check out more info and promo clips HERE.

You can contact Dr. Shade at: Quick Silver Scientific on the web. His detox method is simple, affordable and effective.