onions and garlic for winter immune power

This discovery came to me a few years ago when I had a bad cold. I researched what foods might be best for my healing, and onions and garlic came up. The way that I was taught to make them was to simply boil them in some water and store them in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

The idea was to have a couple tablespoons a day, or even twice today to build immunity, and scare away colds and flu. So, like a good girl, I made a batch. I think I did this several times for a couple years, but what happened is that they ended up sitting in the fridge without being eaten. Well a lot of good that will do me.

Then one day I threw some rough chopped onions and garlic cloves into a pan. I added a little bit of coconut oil, a splash of olive oil and a dash of salt. I turned on the burner very low and let them simmer until they were soft and succulent. OMG, I could hardly contain myself from eating the entire pan. They were so good this way.

This practice of cooking vegetables slow, with just the right herbs and fats can be the difference between the food sitting on your plate or digesting in your tummy where it can nourish you. This is what I learned when I discovered the Ayurvedic methods of cooking vegetables. So many people ask me what to do with vegetables. This is why I learned these methods and why I created an online course so that you can learn these easy methods that I promise will thrill you. Seriously, they are thrilling to watch cook, awakening to smell and delicious to taste.  The best part, they are just so simple.

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