What to Eat with Cultured Vegetables: Everything!!

CV-Rising Carrot

Cultured Veggies are brimming with the aliveness of enzymes and probiotic bacteria or friendly flora. This means many things for different people. Using them daily is a great way to wean your self off of sugar and/or stop sugar cravings. Using them with every meal provides a great aide to your digestion, not to mention a great flavor addition to every meal.

Many people report the disappearance of bloating while enjoying regular bowel movements just with incorporating this robust flavorful food in their daily diet. Here are some ideas for how to use them.

Soon, you will be wondering how you ever lived without them.

 First thing in the morning:

Fire up your digestion with a couple teaspoons on an empty stomach before breakfast.

Green Smoothies

Cultured Veggies are a great place to top off your green smoothie and give it an extra flavor and nutritional punch.  Use any flavor that sounds good with the blend you are making.  One to two tablespoons can turn a boring green smoothie into a vibrant robust drink.

PizzaDoughCrWSeed Ch& CultVeg

On Toast

Almost all of the flavors go great on a piece of toast. Your favorite bread can be toasted and then topped with butter and your favorite Cultured Veggie. To take it further and make a more rounded meal, add cheese to your toast, egg salad, avocado or any deli meat or tofu for a complete meal.


Cultured Veggies are fabulous with eggs, whether you scramble, boil or sauté them. Try them in omelets or in egg salad.

Sandwiches, Burgers & Hot Dogs

Remember Cultured Veggies are like the pickle on the hamburger or the relish on the Dog. Think of using them in that way. They add an acid element that is called for in many meals to round the flavors out.  All flavors go great on sandwiches, burgers and dogs.

Add to Wraps

Wraps are another great way to bring your lunch alive.

Bone Broth & Soups

Since bone broths are gaining popularity for healing the gut and for a highly mineralized beverage, adding Cultured Veggies to them makes them even more tantalizing and healthy. Cook up healthy bones or make a veggie broth with your favorite veggies and blend of Cultured Veggies.

Pasta & Grains

Yes, they all go great with any pasta and grains. Sometimes you may not have fresh veggies around. This is a great time to use a big healing of Cultured Veggies.




Mexican Food

Thai Food


Yes, Everything!


Ok, this may be a stretch for your mind to wrap around. But, since Cultured Veggies are known to alleviate sugar cravings, how about having a couple spoons full for dessert. I guarantee you may not want that sugary junk after all. It just may do the trick!