green smoothie with omega rich hemp hearts

My new favorite smoothie! Here is what makes it perfect, the Hemp Hearts!

The other night I stayed with a friend and she made me a green smoothie the next morning. I was shocked at what she started putting in the Vita Mix. It was a creative concoction that truthfully sounded terrible to me, but it was surprisingly good. The best news is that it got me off my regular smoothie regime, which was getting boring.

I decided I needed a new taste and some new veggies. My purpose was to get some good fats, begin eating fresh Turmeric and a variety of greens.  So, I happened to have run across the most beautiful Italian Parsley I have even seen. Then I had some cilantro and romaine lettuce leaves leftover. It hardly seemed like enough, but I loaded the Vita Mix anyway. Then I added a piece of ginger, a whole lemon, a green apple and 1/3 cup of Hemp Hearts.

What made this smoothie so rich and satisfying was the Hemp Hearts. I love to make a milk out of them, which I do often along with sunflower seeds and buckwheat groats, but I never imagined them with greens. They just made this drink delicious. And, if Green Smoothies are delicious then you will drink more of them. The other good news is that Turmeric absorbs better when accompanied with a good fat - or good source of Omegas!

Try them. They are also a great snack on just about anything.

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