fruit fat smoothies afternoon sorbet

Yes, you read it right, "Fruit "Fat" Smoothies". For me, the omega rich ingredients from nuts and seeds are what make a smoothie made with frozen and fresh fruits great. The first person to teach me about raw foods was David Jubb in 1991. David and Annie were, and probably still are, masters at recipe creation. David would stand helm at the vita mix, and begin creating blends that were to live for.

The secret to his fruit smoothies was flax oil. When you think about it, what makes ice cream so good? It is the fat mixed with the sweet. The fat from the nut or seed gives a fruit smoothie substance and creaminess, not to mention a powerful nutritional punch! Now that chia and hemp seeds have come onto the scene there is even more creativity to be had in creating fruit smoothies.

For the smoothie in this picture, I threw in some papaya from a friend’s farm; mixed frozen berries, pineapple and banana, then added a full tablespoon of hemp seeds and Barlean's Flax Oil. The richness from this blend is good enough to eat with a spoon. We topped it with flax meal (Forti Flax from Barlean's), grabbed a spoon and enjoyed a cool and refreshing treat after a yoga workout. YUM.

When you make smoothies like this they will be so much more delicious, plus satisfying and healthy!

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