Knowing that onions and garlic are powerful immune boosters, and also knowing that I don't eat them often enough, I decided to find a way to put them in my daily culinary regime. My motivation was to build my immune system for travels and quite possibly an intense time with family as my dear Dad passed on to heaven. I think I was successful as I felt great the entire time I was on the mainland dealing with lots of logistic changes and emotions. One day before I left I took a whole Maui Onion and a head of Garlic. I chopped the onion in big chunks and thew them in a glass sauce pan along with the garlic cloves still dressed in their skin. Then I poured some EVO (Olive Oil) over the top, sprinkled some sea salt and covered the saucepan. With the lowest heat possible the mixture simmered for about 30 minutes. My first bite led to devouring the rest of the mixture while I was still standing in front of the stove. Oh my, it tasted so good I just could not stop. I guess my body really needed it. I did not feel that great following my little binge but soon the discomfort, which was minor, passed.

This mixture is made in my kitchen on almost a daily basis. Now I make it with coconut oil too. Sometimes I use a little coconut oil and a little olive oil together. I keep it to top on steamed veggies, open faced sandwiches with cultured veggies, tofu, or raw cheese. Once I served it with a raw cheese and cracker (gluten free of course) plate when I had guests. At first a few of the guests said, "no thank you". Then a couple tried it and the "ooos and ahhhhh" inspired the rest. Eyebrows lifted with surprised delight and soon the pan was empty!! Enjoy!