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Welcome to Chef Teton's Foodie News. Many of you who have received the entire set of DVD's must be wondering how to make those scrumptious Toasted Pumpkin Seeds in Coconut Oil. Well, here is your chance to watch me make them. Just click the link below and watch a short video clip on how to toast these delicious seeds. People rave about how fabulous they are on top of greens along with the Golden Elixir Salad Dressing.

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds Video

Warning: Make sure you make a lot of these seeds at once, because if you happen to set them out before you serve the salad, everyone may eat them just as they are. They are that good. Make a bunch and them so you can serve them for a snack as well. Store in an air tight jar and they will keep fresh for several days.

If you would like to know more about about these valuable nutrients in Pumpkin Seeds take a look at the articles on our web-site. Just click on the articles tab and read about this luscious seed and the wonderful benefits they can bring to your life. If you want to enjoy your pumpkin seeds "raw" but slightly roasted just follow the same directions, but dehydrate instead at 115 degrees until toasty.

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