My Flu & How I Rebounded


August 12, 2009. I am still in southern California staying at my sister’s in south Laguna Beach (near Dana Point). My son, Jason, also lives here. When I first flew back to CA from Florida, on July 14th, I didn’t make it any further than my Mom’s couch. I had just flown from Florida and had spent a lot of times in planes and airports.


I slept most the day thinking I was over tired. The fever came the second and third day. Mom took good care of me. And, to think, I came to California so I could take care of her. Of course, I did not think this little flue would last, but each day was the same…yuk.Then I began to ask, is it the Swine? Should I go to a doctor? Finally as the end of 5 days on my Mother’s couch I was transferred to my sisters. Ah, my own room, queen bed, private bath and TV with cable.


Each day I thought I would just perk up like a flower being watered, but that was not the case. My chest continued to hurt, I began coughing and I still felt horrible. Hmmmm.


I called my Acupuncturist and she gave me two treatments, some powerful Vitamin C and some herbals to loosen up the tight chest. They worked like magic.The tightness lightened up in my chest, I coughed easily cleansing my body of the nasty stuff that one coughs up, and I rested better.


My Acupuncturist said the single most powerful thing to do for healing and staying well while traveling is “rest”. I am not sure I know how to do that very well. But, rest I had to do. There was no choice. Now was my opportunity to let go and rest.


Another week went by and it was time to go back to my Moms. My sister was having company and I had to vacate the guest bedroom. By the time I cleaned the room, washed the sheets, packed, and drove to Newport Beach I was exhausted and feeling sick. OK, now I am getting worried.


I go to Urgent Care and the Doc give me Antibiotics, of course, and said to go home and rest. I did not have pneumonia, which was my concern. The Antibiotics were just in case I had any bacteria in my chest and lungs.

He also gave me all kinds of inhalers for chest and nose, although I did not feel any need for those. I filled the prescription for the Antibiotics only and went home to Mom’s couch.


Holding off from taking Antibiotics, I would save them in case I needed them later. More travel was looming in the future. I did not want to weaken my immune system anymore, and my chest was feeling better.


I longed for the bed and privacy in my sister’s guest room. I longed for the breeze and quiet nature in Maui. I want to lie in the sun and feel the warm salt water on my body.


Ahhh, the guest room is mine. I move again and wondered how long I can do this. My chest is hurting worse now. I suddenly remember the Breathe pills by New Chapter and how well they worked to help my son with his Asthma. My friend gets me some and I take 3 - 3 x a day. Unbelievable what happens. I could actually feel the tightness leave my chest. Within 24 hours I was 50% better. Another 12 hours - 75% better, and within 48 hours- only 2 days – my chest is clear and there is no more coughing. It was like a miracle.


New Chapter products are the best. They work because they are a Whole Food supplement. This makes them powerful (more on New Chapter products in the Joint Health section of my Blog).


Oh God, I have to move again. I go to my friend’s house a few blocks from my sister’s for four days. I have my own room and I think I am well. After all, it has been three weeks. So, I enjoy some wine, late night dinners and two afternoons of shopping. Then one morning I go on a long walk- run. I am wasted for the rest of the day. That same day I move back to my sister’s.


In writing this, I can see why I felt horrible the day I came back to my sisters which is where I will remain until I am 100% better and have built a reserve of energy. I am back on the Breathe pills, which again worked miracles very quickly. This time I will stay with them for a while because they have all the greatest organic mushrooms for building the immune system and particularly for breathing.


A little on New Chapter’s Breathe: Breathe capsules are made with activated organic mushrooms of:Cordyceps, Reishi, Artists Conk, Maitake, Oregon Polypore and Znu Ling.


Two nights ago I did some more research on immune building substances.


As for diet, do you think I could remain on a Raw Food Diet, all this time? Could I even remain on a whole food organic diet? The answer is, no. I was so dependent on other people. That being said, there are some specific things I was able to accomplish. My diet is still a work in progress.


Stay tuned for more info on supplements and diet.