I have had the same trouble with wine for years. It turns out it is theadded sulfites! They add meta bi-sulfate to keep it shelf stable. It makes you feel head-achy and hung over in the morning. As it wears off and is eliminated thru your kidneys you will feel better. One of our new travel companions is the Genesis 7 plate water ionizer. It hooks into any water faucet. It has a diverter so works great as you travel. At home we change it to the inline connection. It gives High Ph water and that really helps us not get sick. It easily fits in a suitcase or large briefcase. It goes before clothes. To pack it we just pack clothes around it. Nice square box. We have been using them and selling them for over 6 months and have seen such health benefits. Including allergies disappearing. Hope this helps.

Look for "no sulfites added" wines. Enjoy.

-- Cindy Burson

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