Woohoo! Seven days ago I taught a class on how to make cultured veggies (think sauerkraut). The ingredients were: red and green cabbage, beets, carrots, parsley, kale, sea veggies, and salt. We placed them in a large crystal glass bowl, covered them with large cabbage leaves for a canopy, then a large shallow bowl (upside down). We put a rock on top for weight and poured over some very salty water for extra protection. Covering the mixture with a towel, I placed it in a dark closet to ferment. Seven days later I harvested the batch. Here are some pictures to show the process. When I removed the towel they looked a little funky and smelled even more funky, but when the gunk was removed from the top, the sides of the dish cleaned (so as not to cantaminate), the canopy lifted and tossed, all that remained was freshly fermented veggies! Yum. We got 5 - 12 oz jars out of it. If you want to learn, please get the Culture Veggie DVD. They are are so easy and probably one of the most treasured foods you can put in your diet. !!

Cultured Veg During Harvest
Cultured Veg B4 Harvest
Cultured Veg During Harvest
Cultured Veg Harvest
Cultured Veggies Harvest 8/20
Cultured Veg Harvest 8/20

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