This is one of the best ways I found to serve up a side of onions and garlic to add as a condiment or side to anything you desire. It is so simple and highly medicinal as well. Years ago, when I was researching on how to build my immune system with food, I discovered that this mixture is a powerhouse. Just cook up a batch of onions and garlic, refrigerate them and then have a scoop or two with every meal. Well, I would often cook them on the stove with a little water. Oh, so boring! I would end up throwing most of them away as the days went by. They just did not get eaten, because, well, they just were not yummy! I dreaded trying to eat them.

Then I discovered cooking it on a very slow simmer with coconut or olive oil. What a difference! Both are fantastic! All you need is onion, garlic, oil of choice and some sea salt. This is a great potluck contribution too. People love, love, love it! You can also make it as a Raw Food Recipe, but you need to peel the garlic and let it marinate in the salt and oil for a few hours.

rough cut the onion

break apart some garlic cloves (no need to peel)

pour coconut or olive oil (2 tbsp or more)

cook on low flame/heat, and simmer until tender