#2 in My Favorite Things Series, From Seed to Soul.


ana brett

Ravi Singh and Ana Britt have changed my life for the better.Many of you know that I earned my yoga teacher certification two years ago. I am in love with yoga, no doubt about it. But, I did not fall in love as much then as I have in the last several months with Kundalini Yoga. Not just any Kundalini Yoga, mind you, the yoga DVD's by Ana and Ravi.

Visit their website and get turned on too: www.Raviana.com

Kundalini yoga has different moves than traditional yoga or yoga poses that you might be familiar with or seen in the media more predominantly. Sometimes I wonder, "Where the heck did they get this move from?" Each are unique. Some feel so weird at first. The movement is easy, relaxed and constant rather than static. Perhaps this is what I like as it is hard to hold me still.

Ravi has this special talent of saying just the right thing at the right time, empowering me through my life. And, Ana, well she is such a pleasure to watch. She is adorable as well as a great model to workout with. I find these DVD's to be timed and paced perfectly. The music is also awesome. My spine is awakened, my breath expanded, my energy renewed and my soul recharged from the time I spend on the mat with them.

Check out their website and begin. Here are a few of my favorite titles: A Journey Through the Chakras, Bliss Hips, AM-PM Yoga, and Yoga for Beginners and Beyond. All offer a unique workout and many offer you the ability to choose your own matrix or workout sequence.

The bottom line is that these DVD's do more for me than any workout because they empower me in life in all ways. The sayings that go along with the fabulous music rock my soul and take me to a deeper place. Seriously, working out with them is one of my favorite things to do everyday. I love these DVD's and Ravi and Ana.