My favorite salad dressing which is great for cooking fish as well as sprinkled all over this salad.  It is also great on veggies, grains or by itself in a big spoon! Here is is:

1 tbsp: Miso of choice

2 tbsp: Lemon juice (or more or less to taste)

1 tbsp: Maple Syrup (or less if you want less sweet)

1/3 cup: Olive oil

Mix all ingredients with the olive oil being last. Whisk the olive oil in slowly so it will blend thoroughly. Make a bunch of this and then keep in the fridge for a few days.  Remember all lemons and Miso's are not created equal, so adjust to your own liking. I love the salty, tart and sweet flavors blended.

When I cook fish (Salmon shown above), I like to cook it in a little of Barleans' Culinary Coconut Oil (fabulous for cooking - no coconut flavor and can stand high heats better than coconut oil). Before I turn the fish I top it with a tsp of the above dressing. Then I turn it over, cover it and turn off the heat. I have an electric stove (I know, don't love it, but it is what I have), so turning off the heat works well for me, and then I don't dry out the fish.

Most people over cook fish and then it is dry. Seriously, it hardly ever fails that I don't have dry fish when dining out and/or at friends house (don't tell). 

The salad above was my breakfast this morning: Romaine lettuce, green beans, small beet and carrot, chopped onion, topped with fresh cilantro, salmon and a tbsp of my favorite dressing. Seriously delicious!

Here is how I do this in 15 minutes or less. Chop beans and beet and cook in water for about 10 minutes (start with a boil and then reduce heat). While veggies are cooking I start the fish. While fish is cooking,  I chop the lettuce, fine grate the carrot (so it is raw), chop the onion and clean a few stems of cilantro. This was all done in 15 minutes. I even took a phone call in between with my book writing coach (Patrick Snow).

I like to let my food sit while I clean up quickly. Then I can eat in peace and only have one bowl to clean when I am pau ("done" in Hawaiian).

Try it and let me know what you think. 

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