I love my IPhone 6Plus, but I do not like the way it makes my hand and ears hurt...UNLESS....I have it in my case from RFSafe.com.  Here is the great thing about this case. It not only protects you from harmful radiation, but it is so handy in how it works. It is like a little wallet. It is seriously spiffy! Let me tell you why and how much it cost.

The latch that closes the case has a little magnet on it, so it closes easily all the time. The speakers are on the bottom, so you can have the case closed and you can still use the speaker, or just hold the phone and case up to your ear - with it closed - and you can still carry on a conversation.

The camera is also available, but you have to open it to take a pic. The best part is that this casealso protects the phone. When it is closed, you can put it in your pocket or throw it in your purse or car,  and not worry about it getting scratched. I have dropped mine a few times and the case protected the phone perfectly.

I have been using RFSafe products for years. They are the best, in my opinion. You can also get their fabulous ear buds. The set costs about $69.99 (ear buds and case) for an IPhone 6Plus. I don't get paid anything for telling you this - just in case you think I am saying this for perks. Yet, if you do call and order one, tell them Susan Teton sent you. They have them for all styles of cell phones.

Oh, one more thing, it comes in black and white. I get the white because my car likes to eat my phones. It is easier for me to find. Plus I like white. It is also easy to clean up if it gets a little dirty.

Get one!!!!