According to Mystic Mama,

"the NEW MOON* is here again bringing us a new cycle wherein we can plant seeds for a brighter, more compassionate, more cooperative future.

The archetype of Libra reminds us of our interconnected nature and teaches us about the art of harmonizing with all of our relations.

Ruled by Venus, she inspires us to walk with beauty and bring forth our feminine gifts of empathy, love and creativity to bridge a new understanding of ourselves and each other and the animate world that surrounds us."

So, what does this mean for you? The new moon is the time to plant seeds, seeds of potential.  The full moon is to celebrate the harvest. Around my house, the new moon and full moon are celebrated. For this reason, I have decided that my newsletter will go out on the New Moon and the Full Moon.

Putting intention into our lives is a great way to stay on course and to consciously ground in to where you are, and what you want,  then set a goal or intention for the next phase. Planting the seed of intention is thus reflected in the full moon as you can now celebrate the outcome of your choices and manifestations.

Here is mine for this new moon. On October 15 (full moon) I shall celebrate having a solid first draft of my book, Eating As A Spiritual Practice, ready for the editor. I shall also have the pre-sale launched. for my personal care, I will have completed another 15 days of my 90 day challenge of lemon water/olive oil drink first thing every morning. I will also have completed 15 more days of morning meditations for mental focus and clarity, honoring my authority, and abandoning fear of all kinds. My Kundalini practice will continue to sustain it's daily practice. I will also have a lot of fun doing whatever it is I choose to do. I will be kind even when I am mad or feel taken advantage of. OK, that is enough.

What seeds are you planting on this new moon?