pitcher of beet kvass

If you are not drinking fresh Beet Kvass you are missing out on one of life's biggest pleasures. I have already posted Beet Kvass instructions and created an online course for making it and other cultured foods, but I have found a new way that works better than any for me - ferments nicely and taste great.

Now I make it with organic whey made from organic yogurt (alive with friendly flora). Before I tried whey from a local goat dairy (organic, of course). It was good, but a little gamey (is that a word?) tasting. It is also not that easy to come by organic goat whey.

I also tried making it with a kefir starter and/or probiotic granules or powder. That was not the best either, but OK. First of all, one starter packet made only a quart, and secondly the next batch came out weak. This is a very expensive way to make it, and I really did not get the benefits and rich flavor I wanted.

Now, you can also make it with fermented juice from cultured veggies. This is a good method too, but I like the flavor much better with the yogurt whey.

Here is how it is done. First, you need a Greek Yogurt Maker. Get it here on Amazon. Then use your favorite plain whole milk yogurt. Make sure it has living probiotic cultures in it. Empty about half a jar of the yogurt into the yogurt maker as shown below. Spread it out evenly. Place the lid on tight and place the yogurt maker in the fridge. Whey will begin to separate instantly from the yogurt as you can see below in the picture. Within a few hours or overnight most of the whey will have seeped through the mesh lining of the yogurt maker.

I have found that half of a quart jar of yogurt yields a little over 1/2 cup of whey from the yogurt shown below. I use about 1/2 cup of whey for a whole gallon of Beet Kvass. If you are only making a quart or 1/2 gallon, adjust accordingly. Add salt to taste and ginger, lemongrass or any other yummy flavors you might like to infuse. My favorite is just whey, salt and ginger.  Learn more about the online course for making Cultured Superfoods HERE!

Whey seeping through the mesh instantly.

One of the bonus's of making whey this way is the Greek yogurt  that now resides in the top of the yogurt maker. It is so creamy you will want it for dessert. Seriously, it is delicious - great topped on fruit, or a potato, taco or anything at all. I love it with a little honey or nothing at all - so rich and creamy with a sour flavor. Love it!!!

Yogurt going into the yogurt maker.
Yogurt and Greek Yogurt Maker.

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