tortilla egg with cilantro and onion

OK, so this is not the greatest picture, yet when I discovered this quick and easy dish I made it every day until my tortilla chips ran out. Now, I am not one for tortilla chips, but there was a bag in my house left over from a party that contained the best tortilla chips I had ever tasted. One morning, while starving for some nourishment after a vibrant yoga workout  I reached for a chip from the bag still lingering on the counter. The crispness and flavor surprised me and I wanted more. Since I am not one to eat chips for breakfast, even though it was a late one, I soon found myself poaching my usual egg.

Not wanting to let go of the chips I placed them on a plate ready to receive my egg. Once there I lavished it with chili powder, salt and pepper and then topped it with some fresh chopped onion and cilantro. That was it. Simple. Nourishing. Fulfilling. Delicious. The diverse textures that emerged provided even more flavor as some of the chips got soft while others remained crisp.

OK, I know you want to know what kind brand of chips that carried me away. They were the Organic brand of corn tortilla chips from Costco. The bag was huge, of course. Thank God!

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