Inspiration: Yours and Mine  

Oh gosh, if we could only be fully inspired by the mere fact that we get to breathe. If we think and feel deeply into that, most of us will find that we are inspired by that fact. But, it remains, that when we forget about the amazing gift we have been given, our inspiration often wanes with simple tasks, dramatic change, and/or repetitive chores.

Inspiration is something I am always striving for, and at the same time often challenged to keep fresh and alive. Don’t you just love it when you are motivated by authentic inspiration? I do. I love, love, love how it feels, like I can't wait to jump in the minute my feet touch the ground in the morning.

Why am I talking about inspiration? Well, I guess the question is up for me. I want to know what inspires you too? How do you keep your inspiration alive and bubbling inside of you?

In my JOURNAL post this month I am sharing a short story excerpt from my book, Seed to Soul, about how I was initially awakened and thus inspired to change my son’s diet. When he was 10 (over 30 years ago) I had my first dramatic and very challenging experience. I titled the post, “How My Son's Health Changed Radically in Two Weeks”.

The experience was so profound that I have been inspired to stay on my health food advocacy journey ever since. Read my short story here. Then I would love it if you would make a comment and tell me what inspired you to shift your diet, to be healthy, or to even care? Let’s help each other by discovering what inspires each of us, and what keeps that inspiration alive and burning bright.

If your inspiration is not alive, if it has diminished, do you know what you need to boost it back into full throttle? What do you need to light your fire? How can I help?

One thing that might help you become inspired about your health, and move you into greater action is to review the movie "Hungry for Change". The good news? You can watch it FREE online from March 21st - 31st. This movie says it like I learned it first hand 30 years ago. It might also help you inspire someone else who has been closed to thinking that food and diet do not really matter that much.

To sign up for free screening click on the icon "Hungry For Change" as your scroll down the linked page on my site. It will take you to the Free screening sign up page.

As promised, here are more quick and luscious veggies recipes to inspire, nourish and please you:

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