It has been awhile since I sent out a Foodie News. I so apologize! Where does the time go? Truly, I am shocked that so much time has gone by so fast. I did put my time to good use though, and have lots to share about my cleanse and new discoveries for revitalizing the body through nutrition - coming in November!

In this issue I want to tell you about some new recipes for: Raw, Cooked and Cultured (fermented) foods, the basis for Essential Cuisine. Plus, I am including two fantastic book  and DVD recommendations that have inspired and enlightened me over time!

First, let’s get to the food!!

Raw: Cultured (fermented) Veggies. Are you making them? Learn why they are vital to your systemic and digestive health! Read the incredible results people are having after eating them for just a couple of days. Important! Learn how to harvest a batch after you make them!

Cooked: Learn a delicious way to simmer a  “loose chop and no peel” pot of onions and garlic in coconut oil for any dish, sauce or potluck! Here is another award winning recipe “Sweet Potato Frittata”. For those who eat eggs this is a fabulous gluten free recipe, unique and so tasty. You can replace eggs with tofu if you like.

Cultured: More on cultured/fermented veggies because they are so important. Here is my Award Winning recipe for the best Cultured Veggies for 2011 AgFest on Maui.

My favorite things!  It seems people want to know what moves me, so due to many requests here is the beginning of me sharing my library and loves like; DVD’s, books, equipment, recipes, menu, supplement, or whatever I think will interest or benefit you. Two in this issue:

1. Book:   Nature’s Secrets Hidden in Plain Site, by Elaine Wilkes, Phd. Oh my, this books rocks!! It is an easy, insightful, clever and humorous read. In it you will understand holistic medicine so much more, how nature can steer your toward the right foods and how you can obtain incredible guidance from nature. This book is a must and make a fabulous gift because it is so much fun and at  the same time informative! Get it on Amazon!! Or see:

2.   DVD Series:  What does FOG stand for? I’ll tell you, it stands for “Fog”, the state of mind you will continue to be in if you don’t watch this incredible documentary series titled “Frequency of Genius”. Purchase it with this bonus code: SXF97 for 10% off and will be thanking me! There are two DVD’s packed full intellectually engaging interviews, FREQUENCY OF GENIUS is an exploration of seven unique individuals who share their incredible solutions and extraordinary visions for present day humanity and for future generations yet to come. This series is awesome! Watch it with friends and family!

Coming Soon: Do you want to know more about cleansing? Are you thinking of doing a fast or a cleanse? I did one that knocked my socks off with results and repercussions that shocked me.  My Personal journal to optimal health and vitality through cleansing is coming!  Stay tuned while I share what you need to know about cleansing!

Remember to Make Every Bite Count!! Many blessings, Chef Teton