Wishing you all a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy holiday season! Thank you for joining me on this journey as we learn and create together! Here are some goodies to help you make your holiday season Deliciously wonderful. Check out blog post for my favorite kitchen gadgets - all available on Amazon.

1. Woohoo. I am so excited for this Holiday. Not sure why, just decided to make it the best one ever. In the spirit of Oprah and her favorite things, I decided to do same. Don't get too excited......they are not coming to your door, although I would love to do that. I am merely sharing them to make your life in the kitchen more enjoyable and of course, healthy!

2. There's more. My DVD's are divided into 3 sets plus the Teens DVD with Chef Landon - each making a great gift at an affordable price. We will gift wrap and send them to your favorite friend or relative. When making your order, specify in the special shipping section to Wrap ItRaw Food Basic, Sauces & Dresses, Cultured Veggie sets.

3. Two Award Winning Holiday Pies: one raw and sweet, the other cooked and savory. I was so excited to win 1st Place in the Farmer's Union Annual ThanksGiving feast and dessert contest. Check it out: Raw Coconut Cacao Mousse Pie. For those who do not live where fresh coconuts are abundant, use dried coconut flakes. Soak and blend them with a little sugar water and/or honey and spread on top of the mousse. Make sure you get the unsweetened flakes.  Pie is good with all berries!

Another Award Winning Recipe is a fabulously luscious holiday dish great for potlucks, brunches, or family gatherings. Gluten free Sweet Potato (crust) Frittata (with carmalized onions, and cilantro). You can make it ahead of time, then just warm and serve.

4. Into The Future: The 4 Week Dietary Makeover Mastermind

Are you challenged by creating a diet that is exceptional and supportive for your health and beauty?? Do you want to kick butt, nourish and fuel yourself with every bite. Do you want to have flowing digestion, excellent absorption, flexible joints and glowing skin? Do you want to be EXCITED about food? Do you want to be INSPIRED to nourish and please yourself with every bite?

In hearing from people all over the world about how much they love my DVD's and how the simple recipes have inspired and delighted them, I also hear from people that they would like more guidance, menu planning and community. So, let's create our own cyberspace kitchen and change our diets together in the 28 Day Dietary Makeover teleseminar course.

Let me know what your needs are, and stay tuned for this course while we all gather together!

Wishing you a beautiful holiday time full of blessings. Be safe!

Making every bite count,