Woohoo! Announcing the new Dietary Makeover Mastermind Course plus 4 Great Recipes from Essential Cuisine, the culinary practice that includes: Raw, Cooked and Cultured/Fermented Foods. For those who want a coach and want to learn how to use the Chef Teton DVD's here is your chance: Dietary Makeover Mastermind Teleconference Course, a couse designed to take you through my DVD series and learn how to create powerful new foods into your life to create a dietary practice for life. I will take you step by step and we will learn together. Teleseminar course starts March 2nd. Listen to an Audio Interview Here about the course. Space is limited!

Raw Food Recipes: Two great Raw recipes:  Apple Almond Lemon Salad and Raw Buckwheat Cereal with Coconut Cream. Both of these salads or cereals are great for a family, potluck and/individual servings.

Cooked Food Recipe: it seems to be the day for millet. This Ayurvedic Millet with Coconut Milk is to "live for". It is easy, healthy, nourishing and oh so luscious and rich. Another great meal for a group or party.

Fermented Food Recipes: Now you are in for a treat. Here is how to make Ogi, the fermented millet porridge that is a staple to African people. This is so easy and so nutritious and delicious.

Making Every Bite Count! Chef Teton