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Aloha Everyone,

I have been traveling for 3 months, headed home to Maui today. I am proud to say that this was one of the most productive trips I have ever been on. That said, it was so productive that i did not have space to write you more often and share all the things I learned. That will be coming though.

Here is a little of what I accomplished. I created a whole new 4-Week Dietary Makeover Course that has all my DVD's streamed on line, with recipes, audio courses, shopping lists and other resources. It is awesome, providing all the guidance and resources you need to create a whole new dietary lifestyle.

I also filmed a new DVD series called "Healing Foods". It will be out in late August. Then came Yoga. Spending most of May in a small retreat called "Xinalani", just south of Puerta Vallarta in Mexico, I attended a yoga teacher certification course. The good news is that I lived through it, and I received my certification! There is tons more to report on this journey, and the health challenges I had and overcame. The story, which dramatically reveals more about the power of vitamins, minerals and taking care of our teeth, will be forthcoming.

For now, I wanted to offer you the 4-Week Dietary Makeover at this introductory price of only $49.00. The price will be going up to $99.00 in the next week. So take advanage of this now.

Contact me if you have any questions. Meanwhile check it out! 4-Week Dietary Makeover!

Blessings to all,

Chef Teton - the new Yogini!