These roasted pumpkin seeds are the best for every occasion. Put them out on the counter for an appetizer, or sprinkle on top of salads, soups, steamed veggies. Seriously, they are so great on EVERYTHING. Everyone loves them and I like to give them as a gift as well.

Below is the video that shows how to make them. If you are making enough to store them for another occasion,  it is best to put them into a jar as soon as they cool. This way they stay fresh. Another hint is to salt them just before taking them out of the pan. This way the salt does not infuse, but sticks to the seeds. If you put the salt on when they are still really hot then the salt sticks to the slight amount of oil on the seeds. I only use Celtic Sea Salt (light grey fine ground), but this would work with any salt. Celtic Sea Salt is by far much tastier than Himalayen Salt.  Most everyone knows this by now because I am always saying it! I try other salts, but Celtic Light Grey reigns supreme.

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds in Coconut Oil