This Raw Cacao Pie with Coconut Creme won First Place in the Maui Farmer's Union dessert contest.  What a great time we all had last evening at our ThanksGiving dinner. There were 10 other dessert entries all promoting local organic foods grown on Maui, and a fabulous pot luck. Here is what I made. First, I took locally grown Macadamia nuts and ground them with some soaked dates (and date water) to make the pie crust. Add walnuts, pecan's or cashews if you like.  Press the gooey mixture into a glass pie dish. While I was making the cacao filling and chopping coconuts down off the tree, I put the crust in the dehydrator to get crispy. Later, just before loading the crust up with the Cacao Mousse, you will need to cool it by putting it into the freezer for a few minutes, or just let it cool by sitting out for a bit.

Next, I made the Cacao Mousse. See Raw Cacao Mousse recipe. Refrigerate the Cacao Mousse while making the rest of the pie so it can firm up a bit. This is what the avocado and cacao powder look like after being blended in the Cuizinart. How creamy and delicious does that look? You should taste it!

OK, I realize you don't all have coconuts right out in your yard as I do, but you can usually find dried coconut, which you can blend with some honey or sugar water (to sweeten), and add some Agar Agar if needed for thickening. I used mature coconut meat for the following recipe:

Coconut Filling

2 cups          Raw Fresh Coconut Meat

¼ cup          Maui Sugar

1 tbsp          Maui Honey (sweeten to taste)

Blend until creamy.

Layer pie pan with crust with Cocoa Mousse, then Coconut Crème, then top with fresh sliced Kula Strawberries. Raspberries are divine with this recipe, but we don't have local raspberries on Maui!