Many of us are turning to SLOW FOOD as opposed to quick counterpart "fast food".  As you get ready for winter and shift your kitchen around to suit your the cooler months dietary needs, think SLOW and warm food.

Foods that take hours to create the benefit you want, may just also be the most nourishing and fulfilling way to spend the winter months. Consider the following 3 dishes for yummy night and days by the fire!


Hearty Stew

1. BONE BROTHS & Hearty Stews

: SLOW is the way for these enormously healing liquid wonders. Most people don't make them, and often think of them as a stock for soups, etc. They are that, and so much more. On a holistic level, they are power healers and soothe the soul even more. They will warm you to your bones and build calcium, aide in digestion and just plain make you happy! (bone marrow, chicken, etc.). For bone marrow broths, just place the 3 or so bones, depending on the size in a large pan and cover with water. Add plenty of salt, bring to a boil and then let simmer for several hours (a minimum of 3). Drink just as it is, and store some (refrigerate or freeze)  for future stews or just a warm beverage that is extremely nourishing!


What is Kitcheree, you ask?? Kitcheree is the staple of India and Ayurvedic cuisine. It is one of the most delicious ways to make a hearty meal in a crock pot or on the stove. Why is it a staple in Ayurvedic cuisine? It is healthy, hearty and easy to digest - easy on the pocket book too. You don't have to be from India to enjoy this easy to make SLOW dish made with exotic herbs, split mung beans, and white rice or Quinoa. Top with yogurt, cilantro and fresh lemon and your will sigh....ahhhh. 

See Kitcheree Recipe here


3. CULTURED VEGETABLES: Why not offer your digestion something wonderful. Cultured/fermented foods are the rave because they restore the intestines with healthy beneficial flora or probiotics. Those words don't sound so appealing, but when the veggies are made you will hear people singing a different song. "Oh, those are so good, I want to eat them with every meal", is what I often hear. Now here is the SLOW part. Once blended and put into the proper crock to ferment, they take at least 4 days. Is that SLOW enough for you? I prefer mine REALLY SLOW, after two weeks.  What's great about these SLOW naturally fermenting foods is that they are one of the most powerful foods you can put into your "life and body" because they aide in digestion. In the winter that is all the more important as people are eating more heavy and processed foods, and are most likely more sedentary. They could use a little more "alive" freshness bubbling with healthy micro-organisms that accompany every meal with a wow! Take a look at a vid clip at:

You can also read an article about their power (not to mention popularity in the media today) at: