These are my favorite Veggies made with what I call, the a la Oils method.

Swiss Chard and/or your favorite veggies steamed or boiled.

Choose any of your favorite vegetables and use the formula below for the most sensual healthy vegetables you have ever had. Amazing favorites include all varieties of Swiss chard and mustard greens. More rich and tasty dishes are mentioned below that include other vegetables like beets, carrots, broccoli, and squash; all prepared with the following formula:     

You Will Need the following 3 Basic Ingredients in addition to the vegetables of your choice: This dish is superb when made with Swiss Chard.


1.    An Excellent Oil:  Cold Pressed oil such as; pumpkin, flax, or oil blends, such as Barlean’s Essential Woman, Barlean's Omega Man, or Barlean’s High Lignan Flax Oil (the high lignans provide a delicious nutty flavor). These are all delicious oils.

2.    Sesame Seeds - (hulled, white raw seeds). Ground sesame seeds in a small coffee grinder to make them fluffy with a similar look to parmesan cheese. Store in covered glass container and they will last for weeks in the fridge.

3.    Organic Wheat Free Tamari and/or Celtic Sea Salt (Grey, or Flower of The Ocean from The Grain & Salt Society:

Wash vegetables and trim off big white stems from chard if you like. If the vegetables are not hard and do not require a knife, do not cut. Use your hands to tear them into smaller pieces. This will make them much easier to serve and eat.

Cook them by steaming or slow simmer. I have been told that the best way to cook Swiss Chard is to cover it with water, boil for 4 minutes and pour off the water and serve.

Transfer cooked vegetables into a serving dish.

I like to use a shallow casserole dish that is even on the bottom. If you have cooked the vegetables in water include a little of the juice – not too much as to dilute the sauce that you are about to make.

Here is the fun part!

Lavish the following ingredients on top of the veggies.

1.    Ground Sesame Seeds – put on a lot – cover the veggies (to get an idea of how much, use approximately 1 tablespoon for a single serving). It should look like it is covered with snow – nice and white.

2.    Pour on the oil – be lavish (you will want to use a minimum of 1 tablespoons per serving).

3.    Tamari to taste. Be careful not to use to much as Tamari can be overpowering and salty. A little goes a long way. You can always put on more after you do a taste test. I actually prefer to just use Celtic Sea Salt.

After putting on all the ingredients, take a spoon and gently kneed the topping around a bit. The sesame seeds will blend with the oil and make a light sauce with a rich sesame tamari flavor.

* Sesame seeds are the most flavorful for many of your favorite vegetables, but you don’t have to be limited to them. Ground pumpkin (pepita) seeds (raw) are also wonderful, especially on salads.

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