With this turn of the seasons I contemplate my year. I am finishing a book and planning retreats for the spring. Before I finish though, and before I put my plan into place I need to hear from you.

I have this blog, am opening a studio so I can produce more video, and I have a book close to completion.

So, you say?

Well, I sit here looking at a blank space while I try to figure out how to fill it. Now, I can either hit or miss, or you could give me feedback with how I can serve you best.  Please, I am begging to know.

For instance:

Do you need health information? Do you want to learn more about supplements? Do you need more skills in the kitchen? Do you want nutritional advice? Do you want to loose weight? Do you just want to feel better?

Do you need inspiration? Do you want to have retreat experiences? Do you need to enhance your digestion? Are you sick and do you need to heal?

Do you want to learn physical techniques for strengthening your spine?Do you want/need a coach? Do you need to get your ass out the door and move? Do you need more lifestyle practices to bring you peace and lessen stress?

Please let me hear from you so that I can give you the experience of my 70 years in health and wellness, stress reduction, healing, cleansing, yoga, supplementation, and alternative healing modalities.

Like I said on my website, I did not get this healthy lean body by eating Twinkies and drinking colas. Nor did I get it by lounging in front of the TV. But, of course I still do that.

Many challenges have come my way, like us all, and I have found ways to move me along happily and healthfully. It is not always easy, but it is better than being sick and tired. Fortunately I have learned and been inspired by many others, and I am sure we can learn even more together. Let's benefit our tribe and share our wants and needs along with our gifts and inspiration.

What do you need, how can I serve you? I want to know. I need to know. Below is your opportunity.

Thank you from every ounce of my being. Aloha, Teton