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The Most Delicious Dressing Ever - The Golden Elixir For Salads & Veggies

This delicious dressing, often called the "Golden Elixir" is to live for. People often say they want to drink it. Full of Essential Fatty Acids, fresh lemon, tahini, sea kelp, and ginger, this dressing is a must for salads, fish or grains. Yum!

This is the dressing that started my cooking career. No joke.

Early on in my nutritional foodie career I understood the difference between good and bad fats. Bad fats are as inflammation causing as sugar. Deep fried everything, and dressings made from cheap olive oil, canola and sunflower oil are all lumped into a category that include Omega 6’s.

Not to get too technical, but the Omega 6’s are the omega’s that you want to avoid. I know, it is hard if you are eating out. Most all of your food service establishments buy poor quality oils because that is all they can afford. By poor quality, I mean that they are not fresh. They have most likely been bleached and deodorized so they they remain shelf stable. Food producers must do this for nut and seed oils because they are tinder and go rancid easily with heat and light. Even though food is not always deep fried in many of the restaurant food, the poor quality oils are also used for everything else like cooking and for sauces. Many people do not realize this.

Other than olive oil, the only oils that are of any substance of quality are cold pressed oils made from nuts and seeds. They are few and far between in your local stores, so you usually have to purchase them online. But, even then you must use them quickly so they do not go rancid.

I believe, in part, one of the reasons “raw food” culinary methods are so healthy and satisfying is because of the methods (soaking and sprouting) of nuts and seeds, which makes the valuable nutrients them available for your cells and joints. This is why I produced the “Raw Food Series”. Learning raw food methods are one of the most powerful ways you can put nutrient dense food into your precious body. The course is still available - check it out HERE.

Think about it. If you are not eating a bunch of nuts and seeds (walnuts, pumpkin, sunflower, flax, and chia) then you are most likely starving for good fats. This is the reason to make delicious sauces and dressings from excellent fats. I love Barlean’s Flax oil because they press it and ship it straight to your door, or the store. It does not sit on a distributor shelf somewhere for months on end. But, the best part is that they are slam dunk delicious. Of course, a high quality olive oil is always wonderful, but it is limited in its nutrient value and flavor. It is nice to mix it up now and then. Those of you who have my “sauces and dressings” course know how I mixed up the raw and cooked foods together to make them super delicious and nutrient dense.

Knowing this early on my career had me in the kitchen making delicious dressings for salads and cooked and raw vegetables. We named this one the “Golden Elixir”. Enjoy!

Tip: If you eat out a lot, you might consider making some delicious dressings at home and then taking a small amount out when you go out to lunch. Then you can get a great salad - hold the dressing, because you will have your own. Make sure it is in a leaf proof container.

Recipe for the Golden Elixir


1⁄2 cup        Flax Oil - Barlean’s High Lignan is best (Olive Oil can be replaced if preferred, but will have different taste)

1⁄4 cup        fresh lemon juice (or juice of a whole lemon)

1⁄4 cup        water

1⁄4 cup        low sodium Tamari (use a little less if it is regular)

2 tbsp          Sesame Tahini (raw or toasted)

2 tsp Sea Kelp Powder (this will provide flavor and also thicken mixture)

2 tsp fresh ginger juice (grate fresh ginger and squeeze out juice), or add small piece of ginger.

1 garlic clove (if wanted - peeled) - optional dash of cayenne

Blend all the ingredients except the oil. Once the ingredients are blended, add the oil slowly while the blender is on low speed.

Enjoy immediately, or chill before serving.

The dressing keeps up to several days in the refrigerator, however, for essential fatty acids to remain in integrity from the Flax Oil, (or dressings) it should be consumed within 6 weeks.

Note: The dressing will thicken a little over time because of the thickening quality of sea (kelp) veggies.



Black Sesame Seeds on Veggies

Black Sesame Seeds

This dish may not look very appetizing, but let me assure you that it is not only delicious but extremely nourishing. Black sesame seeds are high in minerals as are most foods that are dark, black specifically. They are high in B-vitamins and iron and considered a popular anti-aging food in many parts of the world. Minerals are so important and most of us do not get enough. This is a very good way because you not only get the nourishment from the seeds but you have a whole new way to make your veggies rich and delicious!

Shown here is yellow squash, steamed for about 4 minutes. I blended the sesame seeds in my Vita Mix and stored them in a jar in the fridge.  Then they are ready for me to sprinkle on my veggies. So simple, satisfying and nourishing.



Maui Retreat - Awaken, Move, Eat, Explore & Relax

We have one space open for Maui Moon Retreat - January 18-27th. That's 10 whole days on the ocean front Maui estate with Chef Teton and, the Maui moon phase, the stars, ocean, tropical breezes, and of course, great food.

This is a small private retreat where we will customize an experience and lifestyle plan for just YOU!

Start 2017 with your dreams planted firmly for awakening your success, health and vitality.

What do you want? Why? Is there something getting in your way or stopping you? If so, what?

Let's over come whatever is stopping you. Together we will free you from your limitations, load you up with inspiration, and a have a lot of fun. Let's:

.......fill you with just the right food for YOU, and empower you with the knowledge and skills to put good food into your body forever. the right movement for YOU to keep your spine straight, your muscles toned and your joints flexible.

.......uncover old beliefs that no longer serve you, and plant new seeds of thought to support the fulfillment of your dreams.

During your ten days on Maui, with the Maui moon cycle we will cook, study, move and explore the gorgeous island of Maui.  We will hike to water falls, laze in the hammock, circle up and explore our inner fabric. We will experience some rituals on the beach where you will be able to discover deeper aspects of your body and soul, and discover your purpose in YOU. Along with some powerful medicine rituals, like the "chocolate scrub" you will cleanse your mind, and awaken to the incredible body you live in, and your purpose here together.

We all have very different bodies that thrive with our own special dietary needs. We have unique preferences for movement, whether it be yoga, cycling, spin classes, or walking. We also have unique lifestyles, finances, responsibilities, likes and dislikes. What works for one does not work for another. Let's find the right fit for YOU.

That being said, we all need food that nourishes us, movement that keeps us flexible and strong, and a vibrant mental focus and attitude. I have lived in this body for 71 years and have accomplished excellent health through years of study, and practice with every diet that exists, various yoga and movement practices, and consciousness and spiritual training's. Success with my health has come with tons of experimental study, and getting to know my own body and what works for me. I get that we are not cookie cutter. We are individuals with unique bodies and souls. For this reason, I am calling in just a few individuals at a time who want to come and experience a lifestyle plan designed to fit YOU. It is a retreat experience customized to fulfill your needs.

Let's cook together, study together, hang out together, learn, discover, practice and grow.

Here is what is included:

* Delicious meals - all organic food from the Earth and not the factory.

* Cooking & non-cooking classes (fermentation, vegetables, healing foods -  what would you love to learn?)

* Private room & bath (1 shared bath).

* Transportation to and from the airport.

* 3 Maui Excursions (options: Trip to Hana, Lavender Farm & The Maui Winery, Haleakala Crater, Up Country Farm Tour & Lunch, Chocolate Scrub Ritual, 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance).

* 2 Free days to explore Maui, rest, write or play in the kitchen.

* Yoga and movement every day. Learn simple new meditations to empower and strengthen your mind.

* Free time to rest, contemplate, journal, talk, and share.

* One on one coaching consultations in the areas important to You.

* Chef Teton's Dietary Makeover Course, The Ayurvedic Course, and Cultured Superfoods Course.

* Copy of my new book, "Eating As A Spiritual Practice".


My vision for you is to: what "Eating As A Spiritual Practice" means to you.

.........create full control and skills to nourish you all the time - easily.

........a plan to strengthen your physical body that fits your needs for growth and maintenance.

........create skills to continue to strengthen your mental muscle to support YOU.

........create a foundation for "soulful living & eating".

........go home with a treasure chest of tools for optimal health and vitality, and an awakened state of consciousness so that you can continue to grow and blossom.

..........have a lot of fun.


Come, join me in the kitchen, on the mat, in the waterfalls, and on beach. Let's together explore YOU and Maui.

Cost: $3,500 All Inclusive

Email me NOW: or CALL 808-250-1535 so we can discuss options for you, and book your stay.

There may be space for other full moon gatherings in February, March & April.

Questions? Need more info? Call or write.





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That’s a tall order. Yet, one of the single most powerful things you can do to create a better world, and a better you, is to become aligned with your source, the Earth, and your plate.

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Easy Chia Pudding With Coconut Milk & Berries

It took me a few yeas to catch on to the Chia Pudding craze. Now, I find it one of the easiest snacks/desserts to serve for almost all diets. Below is a basic example of a large bowl to serve many. There are many variations that can be made from this basic idea. Enjoy!


1 can of organic "whole fat" coconut milk + 1 can of water

1/2 cup chia seeds

1 cup + frozen berries or other frozen fruit

sweetener of choice (honey, stevia, maple syrup, coconut sugar, raw sugar). Sweeten to taste.

Options: Protein powders, green powders that may have already been sweetened (like Barlean's Greens), spices like cinnamon, cardamom, clove. Pinch of salt.

Place the coconut milk into the blender and add chia seeds. Blend just enough to break up the chia seeds. This will help it to thicken and create a smoother taste.

Put all ingredients together and blend softly on low speed just enough to blend. Pour into serving dishes or one large dish. Place berries on top and refrigerate until firm.

Note: If you want a richer pudding, then use the coconut milk without water. If you do this, then you should use less Chia Seeds. Chia Seeds thicken, but how they thicken depends on how much they are broken down. You may wish to alter the amount used depending on how firm of a pudding you would like. I personally like it a little more watery than a lot of people who like it very firm. Have fun with it!!




Raw Banana/Mango Pecan Pie


Raw Banana/Mango Pecan Pie

This Raw Banana/Mango Pecan Pie rocks. If you do not have a dehydrator, use your oven. 

Here is the recipe:

Raw Banana Mango Pecan Pie

5 bananas

1 mango sliced

1 cup pecans (soaked in water for 1 hr)

1 1⁄2 cups pecans (not soaked)

6 oz filtered water

5-10 dates, soaked

1 tsp vanilla

1 heaping tsp raw honey (or more to taste)

A dash Tamari or Nama Shoyu

Soak one cup of pecans in water


Fruit Crust

In a glass pie pan, arrange one layer of sliced bananas (2 1/2 bananas should do it).

Lay the banana slices in a spiral pattern with one slice slightly overlapping the other until you have covered the entire pie pan.

Put a layer going up the sides of the pie pan as well.

Cut the mango into thin (1/4 inch) slices and layer over the banana. Put another layer of bananas over the mango. Compress the fruit down evenly with your hands. Set aside.

Pecan Cream Filling

Put 1 cup of soaked (drained) pecans, dates, 6 oz. filtered water and vanilla into blender and blend into to a fine cream. Taste the cream, and if it is not sweet enough for your taste, add more dates.

Pour the Pecan Cream Filling over the fruit in the pie pan. Put into dehydrator at 95 F for 3 hours, or your oven at the lowesttemperature possible.

If you are using an oven make sure you keep a good watch on the pie. Depending on the temperature of the oven, it could be that only an hour is need, perhaps even less. The idea is to get the mixture to congeal and NOT cook.

Blend honey with just a little water and a dash of the Tamari orNama Shoyu.

Toss the soaked pecans by tossing gently with the honeyed water to coat the pecans.

When the pie is ready, out of the dehydrator or oven, place one layer of the honeyed pecans on top of the pie. Place them in a circle inside a circle, artistically placed towards the center of the pie.

Chill pie for one hour or longer before serving. Keeps for a few days in the refrigerator.




Coco Berry Chia Pudding

Just recently I discovered Chia seeds and how to use them. I know they have been the rave for some time, but I sampled what a friend made a few times and really didn’t like them very much, so I believed that I did not like Chia seeds. Well, I finally made my own and now I am on a roll.

Seriously, using them is so simple and the truth is that food made with them is so fulfilling. I am in love with the exploration.  This recipe takes about 5 minutes at most and keeps in the fridge for several days to grab anytime I feel like it.


Coco Berry Chia Pudding

Coco Berry Chia Pudding



2 tbsp        coconut crème concentrate

1 ½ cups    water (or use coconut milk instead – see below)

1 tbsp        sugar, honey or sugar substitute

½ cup        assorted berries (frozen will do fine)

¼ cup        chia seeds


Place all the ingredients with exception of the chia seeds in the blender. You can hold out the berries and add them whole, if you like, after all the other ingredients are blended.

Add the chia seeds and blend gently - just breaking them apart.

Pour mixture into one large bowl or individual bowls and refrigerate for a few hours until firm. Depending on how much the chia seeds were blended, the mixture may need a stir now and then.

Note: If you are using coconut milk instead of coconut concentrate, replace milk with water.

Optional Ingredients:

Colostrum Powder

Lime Juice



Fresh fruits of all kinds!




Luscious Fruit Hemp Pudding or Cereal

Finally the answer to gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and still luscious!

BerryHempColostrum Pudding

Berry Hemp Pudding with Colostrum & Lecithin

Whoa, does that sound appetizing? Well not really. But, truthfully in this day of gluten free, dairy free, grain free and sugar free, where are we going to get that yummy creamy pudding or morning cereal?

Well, I’ve got a treat for you. This recipe was made after I did a photo shoot for Healthy Living Magazine. I was working with ImmuneTree’s Colostrum6, adding it to smoothies and hot drinks. It is so yummy to be used as a creamer.

The following day I found these exquisite local dark blue/purple berries from up country Kula. They were slightly tart and since I am avoiding sugar, I suddenly had an idea.  I am not crazy about Stevia, but if used properly it can serve the purpose well. Stevia is great with bitter or tart foods, and the trick is to use very little. When you are using citrus or tart berries, it will provide just enough sweet to make it yummy. Then I thought of the Hemp Hearts and lecithin, my latest favorite for green smoothies and all smoothies for that matter.

The recipes below have a powerhouse of nutrients and satisfy the need for rich, sweet, creamy and fulfilling. The hemp seeds provide protein and excellent fats, the lecithin provides inspiration for healthy cell function, and the Colostrum6 provides a boost for a healthy gut, immunity and muscle integrity. The berries are full of antioxidants and great fiber and flavor. Need I say more? Ok, I will. One more thing, all of these foods combined make a rich and smooth texture and deliver the wonderful tastes we so love with rich dairy.

Seriously, it is yummy, and also good with other fruits.

Below two recipes for this fantastic new treat – great for breakfast and/or an afternoon snack.

Berry Hemp Pudding


1 cup               berries

1/3 cup          hemp seeds (also known as Hemp Hearts)

1 tbsp             Lecithin

1 tbsp             Colostrum6 by ImmuneTree

¼ cup              water – more if needed for consistency

                        Juice of fresh lime

                        Sweeten as needed with Stevia, honey or sugar

Blend all these together and add some lime! Top with Barleans' Forti Flax, raisins, walnuts or whatever you fancy.

Apple Hemp Pudding



1 apple           chopped  - green apple if you are on a low sugar diet

1/3 cup          hemp seeds (also known as Hemp Hearts)

1 tbsp             Lecithin

1 tbsp             Colostrum6 by ImmuneTree

¼ cup              water – more if needed for consistency

pinches           cinnamon & ginger too if you wish

                        Top with juice of fresh lime and any of the topping mentioned above





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Raw Almond Seed Cheese on BuckWheat Crackers

What an amazing afternoon, before dinner or anytime snack or meal. Yum.

What is that beautiful white creamy stuff on top of the avocado? It is Almond Seed Cheese. The avocado and seed cheese are piled high on top of a Raw BuckWheat Pizza Dough Cracker.

The recipe and instructions are below. It may seem like a lot of work is involved. But, it you do it in stages, it is effortless, as each step is easy. The secret to raw food is getting in a flow and planning ahead. Some people keep a tight schedule, never running out of their yummy raw snacks.  I go by feel, and when I am out of my favorites I get inspired.

I call the crackers "Pizza Dough Crackers" because they are more moist than typical raw food crackers. Their moistness is due to the use of olive oil in the recipe. You can't dry out olive oil so the dough cracker has more of a bread consistency.  They have a robust flavor, and a texture that is more chewy than traditional raw food crackers. What is really great is that these dough crackers substitute the need for traditional breads. In keeping with the theme of mixing raw and cooked, they are also great with egg salad, tuna, raw goat cheese, avocado, tomato, onions, and cultured veggies. Read below for the recipes and custom make them as you like.

Schedule for making BuckWheat Pizza Dough Crackers:

1. Soak buckwheat and sunflower seeds, over night (or in the morning if you want to make the crackers later in the afternoon, because neither buckwheat or sunflower seeds take long to soak - minimum of about 2 hours).

2. The next day, or later the same day, blend the ingredients for the dough crackers and place in the dehydrator for drying (about 18 hours - turning once). If you use an oven then set it to the lowest temperature. Note, they may dry faster in an oven.

3. When finished,  store them in an airtight container and you will have them for weeks. Refrigeration keeps them fresher longer.

* A scheduling note: If you soak the seeds and then run out of time and can't make the recipe, you can store the seeds and/or nuts until ready to prepare them. Simply rinse the seeds/nuts well and store them in filtered water in the fridge until ready to use. If you go more than one day without using them, just change the water and they will be good for another day. I like to use them within a couple days. Most importantly, change the water each day.

Scheduling for Almond Seed Cheese:

1. Soak almonds for at least 8 hours. Sometimes, I change the water and let them soak again for several more hours. Overnight is always good. If you are not ready to make the cheese the next morning, just change the water and let them soak until you are ready. If you run out of time again, then store them in the fridge in fresh filtered water.

2. After the almonds are soaked it is nice to blanch them and remove the skins. This is not absolutely necessary, but blanched almonds will produce a beautiful white cheese. You can store them with or without the skins. Since the removing of skins can be tedious and time consuming, you might like to schedule it around a good TV program, movie and/or make it a mindful meditation.

Again, plan ahead. The cracker will last for weeks if kept in an air tight container.  The seed cheese needs to be eaten within about 4-5 days.

Recipe: BuckWheat Pizza Dough Crakcers

1 cup saoked buckwheat groats 1 cup soaked sunflower seeds 1/2 cup soaked ground flax seeds 2 carrots 1/3 cup olive oil 1 tbsp Italian seasonings (or fresh herbs to taste)

Salt to taste and add garlic, cayenne and any other spices you might like.

Directions: Mix all ingredients together in a food processor. Start with the carrots, then groats and seeds, remaining ingredients. Coat a dehydrator sheet or a cookie sheet with a small amount of olive oil and scoop batches of dough out to make rounds. You can make a large pizza dough (about 6 inches in diameter) – or you can make smaller individual rounds (about 3 inches in diameter), which is my preference. The smaller rounds are easier to serve and eat.

Press out the dough evenly to about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick, by patting the top with your finger tips. If it gets too sticky and hard to work with, dip your fingers into some orange or other citrus juice. Once crust is pressed out evenly, dehydrate at 100-115 overnight or about 7 hours or until crust is dry enough to turn over and transfer to the mesh rack. Use a spatula when lifting dough and be very careful when turning and transferring it. Dehydrate for another  8 hours or until completely dry. If crust is dry, and stored in a cool dry air tight container, it can be kept fresh for up to a month.

Note: I like to use olive oil because it gives the dough crackers a moistness which is more like bread. Use more oil for more moistness. If you do use a lot of oil, you will need to refrigerate to store.

Recipe: Almond Seed Cheese

2 cups almonds - soaked

2-3 cups filtered water

Salt to taste, spices of choice

Directions: Rinse almonds well. Blanch to remove skins by putting nuts into boiling water for about 1 minute. Remove from heat and strain. Using your fingers, squeeze the nuts and the skin should roll right off.

Blend the almonds in enough water so that they blend easily. Blend until creamy, which usually warms them a little as well. Pour mixture into a cheese cloth bag to ferment. Squeeze out excess moisture over a bowl so that the precious milk does not go to waste (I always drink it right then). Don't squeeze the bag dry or you will get a dryer cheese. Hang the bag with a bowl to catch the drippings underneath it. The seed cheese will then take another 12 to 24 hours to ferment. Preferably, the cheese should ferment in the dark. Since I do not have a dark closet to hang the bag in, I hang mine on a cupboard door knob with a bowl under it, then cover it with a paper bag to keep the light out. I usually ferment overnight alleviating the need to cover it with a bag.


Would you like visual instruction on how to make Raw Pizza Dough Crackers and Seed Cheeses? You can on my Raw Food DVD series. See a sample here: Raw Food DVD Series. And, if you want to experience Essential Cuisine, the wonderful healthy world of "Raw, Cooked & Cultured Foods", take my 4-Week Dietary Makeover online course. The course includes my DVD collections, plus audio programs, recipes, shopping lists and so much more!



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